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Witter is the first company to provide the ability to purchase a Towbar on the internet and arrange for it to be fitted at one of its network of fitters. The Witter Website features a full help facility to guide you through the process of first selecting the correct Towbar and electric kit and then if you wish, arrange for it to be fitted at a time and date convenient for you.

When you book your Towbar fitting through the Witter ‘WEB-FIT’ scheme you can be assured that your vehicle will be looked after and that the installation will be professionally carried out. Many of the ‘WEB-FIT’ fitting centres are NTTA (National Trailer and Towing Association) QS Approved. This is a mark of accreditation guaranteeing only the highest standards and best industry practice.

The ‘WEB-FIT’ system is being rolled out across the country and not all locations are available at the moment. However, it is planned that in the near future the opportunity for you to arrange a fitting local to you will be available.

Dedicated Fitting Centre or a Mobile Fitter?

Witter has a large number of associated Fitters providing a high quality service. It can be difficult to choose whether to use a Dedicated Fitting Centre, or a Mobile Fitter. A list of Fitters specialising in Witter products can be found at under Towbar Stockists.

Dedicated Fitting Centre
Dedicated Fitting Centres offer (in most cases) a complete towing service and will carry a range of products to complement your towing requirements. They will be able to provide you with advice and alternative options for the Towbar fitting and as they hold stock, any changes can probably be incorporated without the need for a further appointment. A number of Fitting Centres have courtesy cars available. A Dedicated Fitting Centre will be able to fit the Towbar in any weather conditions and in the unlikely event you need further assistance you can always call in./p>

Mobile Fitter
A Mobile Fitter will make an appointment to fit your Towbar at a time and place convenient for you saving you going to a specific location. However, it should be remembered that depending on the weather conditions at the time of the appointment, it may not be possible for the Towbar to be fitted, necessitating a further appointment.

Book your Towbar through ‘WEB-FIT’ and be assured of a professional installation and service.

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