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The NTTA run a series of training courses that address the needs of the industry whether you are a one man band or a company with multiple depots and fitters. What is most important is that the courses give solid grounding on the basics for new people and up to date details about the current vehicle systems we have to deal with today. By the time you read this the regional training sessions will be well under way and we will be discussing lots of new information about vehicle systems during the sessions this time round.

The trailer servicing and maintenance day will continue to inform and show the delegates about how a trailer works right from the theory of auto reverse brakes, running gear and coupling developments to practical inspection, setting up and adjustment. This time round we will be able to give some details about the systems of trailer disk brakes currently being offered on some trailers.

Train and Gain

The Towbar fitting and wiring course will again be looking carefully at the new CANbus systems and how we recognise and work with them. This, of course, raises discussions about the need to have some knowledge of the vehicle management systems to make informed decisions about what equipment is the safest to install. Vehicle specific wiring kits are covered in detail. Practical exercises are in place to demonstrate workshop tooling best practice and the importance of choosing the correct cable size. The course also covers simple techniques in customer service to reduce the incidences of dissatisfied customers, including the important tasks like booking the job in so the customer knows what he is getting!

The towing law morning will raise discussions about existing towing legislation and the new topics that include Corporate Killing and our responsibilities, tachographs, drivers licensing together with other relevant topics.

Increasing your turnover of business is great but to keep the momentum your staff need to be confident and competent in their jobs. The training courses we offer are designed to take people from complete beginners right through to being fully trained to work within the towing industry, fitting or servicing. During the courses we deal with real issues that occur daily and offer discussion and problem solving forums to increase confidence and ultimately job quality.

Please don't make the mistake of delaying the training because you are too busy or thinking that your staff won’t learn anything. It has been proven time and time again that your business will benefit from investing in your staff and raising their quality awareness. We all know mistakes cost money and we can never count Increasing Train & Gain the cost of lost customers.

It has been proven time and time again that your business will benefit from investing in your staff.

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