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Buying a car transporter trailer can be a very simple process, despite the wide-ranging choice of models. Making the right decision is simply a matter of assessing features, relating them to your requirements and, of course, taking into consideration the available budget.

The first decision is whether you need an open trailer or an enclosed model. Enclosed trailers obviously offer protection from the elements plus added security and are commonly used for prestige vehicles and racing cars. The next decision is whether you would prefer to load your vehicle using conventional detachable ramps, slide in - slide out ramps, or whether you require a hydraulic tilting bed.

Trailers with conventional detachable ramps are still the largest selling type, and this is probably due to the competitive price.

Car Transporters

Trailers with the slide in - slide out ramp style, as with the A-max model range from Brian James Trailers are becoming increasingly popular, due to several factors. The first, is that the system completely eliminates the age old problem of ramp handling, and the second, that this type of trailer can be loaded just as quickly as a more expensive model with a hydraulic tilting bed. However, trailers with a hydraulic tilting bed are still preferred in commercial applications due to the frequency of use and variation of vehicles loaded.

Car Transporters

Having considered these factors then the type of towing vehicle, and the vehicle to be carried on the trailer must be addressed.

Obviously the towing vehicle must be capable of towing the required weight and a good dealer will be able to advise on capacities and whether the overall towing combination is within legal limits. Alternatively you could check direct with the manufacturer.

Car Transporters

In the case of the vehicles to be towed, several critical criteria need to be considered; obviously the weight and the dimensions, but also the type of bodywork. For instance, loading exotic or ultra low race cars may need calculations on ramp load angles, or tilt bed angles and more recently some standard saloon cars come with challenging features. The new Peugeot 407 is not particularly low, but features a long nose making it necessary to check the ramp angle. Other models may also have features that need further consideration.

Written By Brian James Trailers

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