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13 pin Socket & Seal

13 pin Socket & Seal

13 pin Socket & Seal
This socket and seal is intended for use when converting traditional Twin or Double12N/12S 7 pin towbar electric sockets to a single 13 pin Euro socket.
If you are not sure about the installation of this electrical socket to your vehicle please consult

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Additional Information

Ensure all fuses are removed from the existing towbar electrical installation.
Remove the existing 12N and 12S sockets, inspect the condition of both 7 core cables and if necessary strip the insulation back to ensure a good connection.
Remove approximately 100mm of the outer protective grey/black insulation. Locate the blue wire from the 12S cable and cut back and insulate. Using a suitable PVC insulation tape wrap all 13 wires from the 12N and 12S cables together.
If necessary insert the cable through the socket plate and then through the provided seal.
Strip back approximately 5mm of insulation from each of the remaining cables.
Insert each wire into the appropriate pin location starting at position 1.
Refit the socket and fuses.
Test before use.

More information about towing electrics is available on our website in the Quality and Standards FAQ section.