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Bulldog TR36 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Bulldog TR36 GPS Vehicle Tracker


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  • 24/7/365 Emergency Call Centre
  • Can be tracked in containers & underground car parks
  • Battery Back and Battery Disconnect Alerts
  • Operates via a unique VHF Signal


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The Bulldog TR36 GPS Tracker is a hard wired fully featured GPS tracker with full battery back up, external GPS antenna for even greater monitoring accuracy as well as the ability to be expanded to include remote engine cut off; starting of engine by authorised users only plus full expansion into an alarm system for your motorhome, caravan or lorry. You can be PRO-ACTIVELY alerted via mobile app push notification or email if your property moves.

The TR36 allows you to monitor your property in a way that suits you best.... you name it, smartphone app, SMS, website or even calling. Your TR36 will give you accurate location information and easy to view maps. The latest high grade GPS technology ensures that location information from the TR36 can be accurate up to 2.5m*.

**This item will need to be registered online once fitted in order for it to be functional -

Additional Information

The Bulldog TR36 allows you to track your property whenever you want and in a convenient way for you.

Smartphone app: download the tracking app from your app store and track in real time** The TR36 is preconfigured to work with our TR03 tracking platform for a feature rich tracking experience.

PC: log in to our tracking portal for full details of where your car, caravan or motorhome is and the history of your tracking

SMS: simply send your TR36 a text message and it will respond with full location details and a link to an online map giving a detailed location on a clear and simple map.

Call: simply call your tracker's phone number and it will text you with full location details and a link to an online map giving a detailed location on a clear and simple map.

Extend the functionality of the TR36. Bulldog offer a range of accessories for the TR36 which harness the power of the TR36 and the ability to provide alerts via push notification on our smartphone app.

iButton - the iButton is a small device fitted to your vehicle that works in conjunction with an 'electronic key'. The code from the electronic key is programmed into the TR36. By wiring your TR36 into your vehicle, only people with an authorised electronic key can start the vehicle. This helps prevent theft, unauthorised usage or tracking of who is actually driving the vehicle.
Remote Cut Off - a small device is wired into your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen send an SMS (containing a PIN code) to your tracker and the tracker will cut off the fuel supply to the engine and the vehicle will come to a stand still. You can then check the vehicle location to recover it. Send another SMS to your TR36 tracker and the vehicle witll start.
Fuel Sensor - get realtime online reports of the level of fuel in your vehicle and be alerted of syphoning. Works on lorry, van, coach and other larger tanks.
Alarm system - Imagine having an alarm in your caravan or motorhome where if it is activated a siren is set off and you receive a push notification to your smartphone. The TR36 not only tracks your property but can protect it using a range of accessories including door contact (to sense a door opening), sirens and personal attack buttons.
Temperature Sensor - get realtime online reports of the temperature in your vehicle and be alerted of preset low or high temperature levels. Ideal for refrigerated or temperature sensitive vehicles.
Be alerted if your vehicle is moved. The TR36 not only lets you track your property, but can pro-actively alert you if it starts to move away from where you left it. Alerts are sent via push notification to your smartphone app or email.

Built in SIM card which accesses all compatible mobile phone networks across the UK and Europe.

Uses the very latest in GPS receiver technology, the TR36 can provide a location accurate to just 2.5m*.

Built in lithum battery to provide power to your tracker in the event that the power supply to the tracker is cut, removed or runs out.

Battery alerts. If your TR36 built in battery starts to run low or the external battery of the vehicle is removed, you will be sent a push notification and / or email so you can take corrective action.

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TR03 Tracking Options including Advanced Asset Management and Reporting

Access to TR03 Tracking Platoform including unlimited data, £9.60 inc. VAT per month.

* Subject to GPS and mobile network coverage
** Small monthly charge applies
*** Subject to acess to GPS satellites