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Z52A/C Back Plate

Z52A/C Back Plate

Z52A/C Back Plate
Primarily for use with commercial or off-road vehicles with towbars having 4 hole face-plates, this simple device offers a variety of mounting heights for the ball.
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The ball carrying saddle can be moved between alternative heights, without the use of tools, merely by removing the 19mm pins and safety R clips, which must always be fitted. Two pins are employed to minimise the rattle sometimes associated with a single pin arrangement The total range of adjustment is 100mm by sliding the carrier plate, - plus a further 45mm by using the alternative coupling mounting holes.

Important this product should only be fitted to towbars that have a four hole faceplate.

This product is not EC Type Approved and is not suitable for use on light passenger carrying vehicles (Class M) first registered on or after the 1st August 1998.