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Transport your mobility scooter everywhere with Tri-Lift!


Mobility scooters have allowed many people to move anywhere in everyday life. However, mobility scooters are heavy, bulky and really not convenient to transport anywhere far from home.As a solution, we are now offering Tri-Lift. Tri-Lift will grant you the possibility to transport your mobility scooter everywhere, as far as you want.

Simple to use
Tri-Lift is a mobility scooter carrier, it is extremely functional and straightforward to use. While other mobility scooter carriers take a lot of your parking space with huge platform that are not convenient to use, Tri-Lift only needs you to press on a button to lift your scooter. No straps needed either, the unique triangular design ensures the best fit and ultimate stability of your scooter.

Tilt functionality

Because convenience is very important to you, we made sure that the boot is still accessible when needed. Tri-Lift is mounted on the towball and comes with a tilt adaptor, allowing you to access the rear door of your vehicle with no efforts, and that's very useful to pack your shopping in the boot with great ease.

Easy to install

The Tri-Lift is easy to install on the towball. Just as a cycle carrier you only need to bolt it on the towball, and it's ready to use. The red triangle device makes it easier to see and operate. Plus, the lightweight of the Tri-Lift makes it even more convenient. With its ease of installation, you can transfer it to another vehicle at any time.

Lockable and Secure

The Tri-Lift comes with keys and locks to assure security against thief. Your scooter is locked to the Tri-Lift, and key switches is necessary for lift operations to make sure that no one steals your device. Also, the Tri-Lift comes with a 3-year warranty.

Travel Peacefully

The Tri-Lift makes your travel more peaceful. It makes no noise when in used, and does not make any vibrations that could damage your vehicle or disturb you during your driving sessions.

The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2018

The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2018

We're going to be at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham this October. Visit our stand and say hello and find out about all the great products and discounts we have on offer, we will be in Hall 18 Stand 1805!