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Quattro manual-engage mover

Quattro manual-engage mover

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Do you have a caravan mover you would like to replace? We can offer this removal service as part of the fitting for an additional fee of £72.

  • I need to remove my existing Caravan Mover
  • I don’t need a removal service

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When you choose to get your caravan mover fitted at one of our approved fitting centres or with one of our mobile fitters, your caravan mover will be delivered to your fitter ready for installation.

However, if you want to choose your own fitter, your caravan mover will be delivered to your chosen address on the next working day you place your order before 2:30pm.

It is essential that you should get your caravan mover fitted by a professional fitter to protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage and to protect your guarantee. We have saved you the trouble of finding a fitter, so all you need to do is enter your postcode and we will find your nearest fitting centre or mobile fitter.