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Everything you need to know about your Carrier

Everything you need to know about your Carrier

Carrying Capacity

Our three and four bike carriers are designed to carry a maximum load of 65Kg, which corresponds to 3 to 4 adult bikes. However, it is essential that the combined trailer nose weight and weight of the cycles does not exceed the maximum towball noseload, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Exceeding this load invalidates the warranty of the bike carrier, vehicle and the towbar. Any "clip" on accessories e.g. pumps, bottles, bags etc should be removed to reduce weight.

Warranty Against Theft

Witter Towbars does not offer any type of warranty against theft. The locks on Witter Cycle Carriers are designed to deter vandalism and theft. Bike carriers and property should be removed from the vehicle when it is unattended for any extended period or not in use to prevent any situation that may provide an opportunity for theft or vandalism. We do recommend that you check with either your vehicle insurance or homeowners/renters insurance to see if the rack is covered.

Platform Bike Carriers

Platform Bike Carriers (ZX200, 300, 400 and 500 series)

The Bike(s) should be mounted onto the platforms with the wheels sitting in the wheel holders; all our carriers have adjustable wheel holders to suit the size of your bikes. The ZX300 and 200 series wheel holders are adjustable via bolts that are simply unbolted and then re-bolted into the position you require. The ZX500 and 400 series are adjustable via a loosening screw which allows you to slide the holder into the exact position you require and then retighten the screw to secure into place. All of our wheel holders secure the wheels in place with a ratchet system that hooks through the wheel rim. The arms can then be attached to part of the bike frame, e.g. top tube front or rear, forks, or seat tube, so that it held securely in position. There is no specified place to attach the arm to the frame of the bike because of the variety of bike frames, shapes and sizes, therefore recommended that you experiment until you find the best method for your particular bike(s). On our ZX500 and 400 series of carriers the arms can be released from the carrier via a grey lever inside of the lockable section of the arm. This allows you to clip the arm onto any part of the A-frame that suits your particular bike frame.


The removal of any loose items from the bikes (for storage in the vehicle) is recommended. Our ZX500, 400 and 300 series of carriers can all be securely locked to the towball with a key. As well the ZX500 and 400 series of carries have lockable arms that attach to the bikes frame. Both our ZX300 and 200 series of carriers have the option to upgrade their support arms to lockable handles to secure bikes to the carrier which can be bought and found online under our Cycle Carrier Accessories section.

Lighting Board and Number Plate Obscuration

When the bikes, or any other carried load, obscure the vehicles rear lights or registration number, it is a legal requirement to duplicate these functions rearward of the load. All of our Platform Style Carriers will block/obscure the number plate, that's why each carrier comes with a lighting board that allows for a number plate to be attached so you are always legal when driving with one of our Platform Carriers.

Our ZX500 series has a unique 'Park Mode' that allows it to be driven in the folded up position and the light board flips up to show the number plate and lights so it is legal to drive with.

Lighting Board and Number Plate Obscuration

All of our carriers come complete with a 2in1 7pin and 13pin electrical plug to accommodate to both 7 pin and 13 pin sockets with no adapter needed.

Bike Storage

All of our platform bike carriers should not be stored outside in damp conditions for extended periods of time. Their ability to compactly fold up allows it to be easily stored up against a garage wall even if you have little space. Our ZX500 series also stands on its own feet making it even easier to store away.

Using the Bike Carrier on Several Vehicles

All our Platform style carriers except for the ZX404 suit any style of towbar making them easily movable between vehicles, for those who want to use it on more than on. The ZX404 suits any flange style towball and an additional base plate is available for the ZX404 as part number ZX404-BP for those who don't want the inconvenience of transferring this component from vehicle to vehicle.