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Regulation 55 Approval at a Glance

Regulation 55 Approval at a Glance

  • UK Implementation date - 1st August 1998 for passenger vehicles as EC94/20.
  • Applies to all passenger carrying vehicles from 'S' registration.
  • Legislation changed to Regulation 55 in 2012.
  • Introduced to light commercial vehicles registered after 29th October 2012.
  • All motorhomes registered after 29th October 2012 requires a Type Approved towbar.
  • All towbars must carry a Type Approval label or plate, with a Type Approval number.
  • Type Approved Towbars are subjected to and pass a 2 million cycle push pull fatigue test.
  • Witter Type Approved towbars are certified by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency.
  • Type Approved towbars must fit to all of the vehicle manufacturers designated mounting points.
  • The towball must be in a position related to the mounting points as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Fitting a Type Approved towbar will not invalidate the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.
  • Fitment of a non-Type Approved towbar for a vehicle registered 'S' and onwards could result in prosecution.
  • If a non-Type Approved towbar is fitted, the driver's insurance may be invalidated in the event of an accident.
  • If a Type Approved towbar is fitted and then modified or altered in any way this may also invalidate any insurance claim.