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Why a Witter Towbar?

Why a Witter Towbar?

It is natural when products have to conform to a standard to think 'a towbar is a towbar'. However, as with many other products some are made to meet a standard and others exceed the statutory minima.

Every Witter Towbar has been designed to conform to a vehicle's specified mounting points and Witter also take into consideration a range of other factors to ensure the towbar will cope with differences between models.

Following a successful design process that includes 3D modelling the new towbar is subjected to a range of tests to meet EC Type Approval including a 2 million cycle fatigue test. But Witter doesn't stop there! We believe that new innovations should be tested beyond the minimum standards set by legislation so subject each newly designed towbar to a series of extreme track tests – we call it Beyond the Limits.

When it comes to manufacturing, again Witter doesn't settle for 'good enough'. From the steel we specify, to the highly accurate laser cutting and long lasting protective finish, we go beyond the limits.

As well as a lifetime guarantee, Witter also offers the comfort of the most advanced product tracking system in the towbar industry. Each towbar has a unique serial number and from this, our Track and Trace system can identify every part of the manufacturing process from the steel and other raw materials used through to the name, time and date of the employees who made the product. It is only with these exact details that Witter can provide an unrivalled level of quality.

At Witter we are, quite simply, passionate about towbars.