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Z52B-P Spare Pin and retaining clips for Z52B

Z52B-P Spare Pin and retaining clips for Z52B

Z52B-P Spare Pin and retaining clips for Z52B
Replacement pin for the Z52B. The Z52B has been designed and developed by the Witter design team to meet the growing demand for a fully type approved adjustable height coupling. The Z52B has undergone extensive testing and has been independently certifie
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The unique three position slide mechanism allows the ball height to be adjusted freely but thanks to the innovative design will not allow the sliding mechanism, and therefore any expensive universal coupling, from being taken freely. This added security feature and ease of operation makes Z52B an essential towing component that will meet the demands of commercial and multi trailer fleet towing.

The Z52B back plate can be mounted to any standard four hole face plate and the specially designed slider mechanism has been designed and tested to accommodate all mainstream UK coupling attachments.

The Z52B comes complete with all the necessary fasteners to attach to the towbar and attach a two or four hole coupling to the slider plate. Also provided is a custom made electric socket plate that will position the socket comfortably and out of harms way. Full fitting instructions are provided with the Z52B.

It should be noted that the Z52B has been type approved as an additional towbar accessory, whole vehicle type approval can only be achieved when fitted to a Witter towbar that has been specifically tested for use with the Z52B.