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Caravan Movers

Caravan motor movers have revolutionised caravanning making it even more accessible to the public. Whether you don't have space to easily manoeuvre your caravan, or it's simply just too heavy, a Caravan mover can help you get on the road in no time.

What is a Caravan Mover?

The caravan mover bolts to the caravan chassis and drives its wheels by 12-volt power. They come with a small remote control that easily directs the caravan into position without breaking a sweat.

Why buy a Caravan Mover?

  • Ease: A caravan mover makes your life so much easier. Simply use the remote to effortlessly manoeuvre the caravan directly up to your hitch.
  • Restricted Space: If you only have limited space at home or on your pitch, the caravan mover makes it easy to manoeuvre the caravan into tight spaces.
  • Accessibility: The caravan mover takes all the stress and physical labour out of hitching up your caravan. Stand back and watch as the mover takes on all the hard work and your caravan glides into place.

What do I need to consider?

  • Twin or Single Axle: Consider if the caravan mover is designed to move a single or twin axle caravan. Our caravan movers are designed to be interchangeable between single and twin axle caravans to make things easier.
  • Weight: Weight comes into consideration in two aspects, the first is the weight of the caravan itself. Caravan mover manufacturers will stipulate the amount of weight a given mover can cope with moving, so make sure your chosen mover can take the weight of your caravan.
  • The second instance where weight must be considered is in the weight of the mover itself. The weight of the mover needs to be added to your payload so that your vehicle is not towing over its maximum towing capacity. Our range of caravan movers is the lightest on the market by 10kg allowing you to carry more of the things you really need for your holiday.

Can I fit a caravan mover myself?

We recommend having your Caravan mover fitted by a professional, that's why we offer a fully fitted price fitted by our approved UK Nationwide Fitting centre. Simply choose the caravan mover best suited for you, enter your postcode and choose your preferred fitting date. We will try our best to accommodate your chosen date and your mover can usually be fitted within 7 days of placing an order. Click here to learn more and find the perfect mover for you.

Caravan Movers Range

The e-go caravan mover range is powered by e-go's exclusive Quattro® technology. Its intelligent modular system provides soft-start for precision moving in tight spaces. The e-go range can be used on single, twin and AWD installations and even allows retro-fit upgrades so a twin system can be adapted to an All-Wheel Drive at any point. This exclusive intelligent technology gives you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

Should I buy the older model or the new generation Quattro caravan mover?

The Quattro caravan mover has undergone a huge redesign, making it even more efficient and even easier to use. With a unique twin roller design, it grips to the most rigid parts of the tyre giving it more stability and less risk of slipping. With two new models available, the Quattro500 is a manual engage caravan mover, whilst the Quattro600 is an auto-engage mover.

The twin roller means that even heavier caravans can be moved with just one motor. The Quattro mover is smaller and lighter than previous models and the control unit is half the size so it is even more lightweight. A 110ah leisure battery is recommended with the Quattro mover.

What is the difference between the current models and the new generation Quattro models?

Features Current Models New Generation Quattro
Tyres Grips to the softer, centre part of the tyre and is more likely to slip. Grips to the more rigid, outer parts of the tyre and is less likely to slip.
Motor Under greater strain due to heavier components. Not in line with the tyre so more prone to slipping Under less strain due to lighter components. In line with the tyre so less prone to slipping.
Gearbox Less efficient and with large engagement forces from loading up the gears. More efficient and force of engagement is spread more evenly.
Handset Basic feedback with sound and flashing lights along with set direction and speed controls. Advanced real-time feedback and thumbstick with variable speed and directions.
User Interface n/a Visible indication of leisure & handset battery charge, signal strength, mover engagement status and orientation of the caravan.
Manoeuvring Set speed and direction control. Freely movable in any direction, at any speed

Why should I choose the Quattro?

The Quattro is more advanced, lightweight and powerful than previous models. If you still need a little more convincing, take a look at some of the great new features below:

  • 50% more efficient so there is less drain on your battery
  • 25% more powerful which allows you to tackle steep inclines safely
  • 15% lighter so you can make the most of your payload
  • IP water-resistant so it is pressure washer friendly
  • 7-year warranty (except Enduro which has a 5-year warranty)
Enduro Titanium Quattro
Operating Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
Avg Current Consumption 19 Amps 25 Amps 13 Amps
Max Current Consumption 84 Amps 76 Amps 90 Amps
Weight (2 Motor) 30kg 23kg 22.4kg
Total Weight inc fixings & accessories Approx 40kg Approx 35kg Approx 34kg
Speed 11cm per second 12cm per second 18cm per second
Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250kg (2 motor)
3500kg (4 motor)
2250kg (2 motor)
3500kg (4 motor)
2500kg (2 motor)
4000kg (4 motor)
Min Width (Caravan/Trailer) 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm
Max Width (Caravan/Trailer) 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm
Power Source (Leisure Battery) 110 Ah 110 Ah 110 Ah
Engagement Method Single Lever Single Lever Single Lever or Automatic
Dual Wheel Engagement Yes Yes Yes