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COVID Guidance for Customers

COVID Guidance for Customers


Restrictions are beginning to lift, so we're now in a position to get you back on the road and out on an adventure.

So, if you're purchasing a towbar, you can now book your towbar fitting once again at one of our approved fitting centres. But how will we be adhering to social distancing measures and working in a safe and controlled environment?

We have issued all of our fitting centres with guidance to follow when fitting your towbar, which is in line with government guidelines. This seeks to assure social distancing and hygiene measures are adhered to in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

COVID Guidance for Customers

Of course, we understand that each fitting centre will likely follow varying procedures. But, as a customer, you can do your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 too when you drop your vehicle off at the garage. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Choose a date and time for the work to be completed. Do not just turn up at the garage. Enquire over the phone or online to make an appointment to avoid approaching a busy garage
  • Wear a mask at all times when interacting with people from outside your household
  • Clean your vehicle, and key, with disinfectant before taking it to the garage and wear gloves and a mask on the way and whilst speaking to members of staff in the garage
  • Keep 2m apart from other people when you drop your vehicle off at the garage
  • Make arrangements to get picked up from the garage or go for a walk whilst work is being completed on your vehicle to avoid waiting around other people
  • Clean your vehicle and key with a disinfectant when you collect it
  • Avoid paying with cash and complete your purchase over the phone, internet or by using contactless payments where possible

Although this may seem like much more hassle than your usual garage visit, these precautions are necessary to minimise the spread of COVID-19. All of our fitting centres have been advised to adhere to strict distancing and hygiene rules during this time for the safety of themselves and their customers.

If you are booking a towbar fitting, you may find that this can be completed at your home if a mobile fitting service is available. We would strongly advise you to select this option in the current climate as it minimises contact and enables fitters to work remotely to complete the work. However, you should still follow strict hygiene and distancing guidelines wherever possible.

If there is anything at all that you are unsure about, you should always check the government website for the most up to date information and guidance.

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