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Get your Tourer ready for the season!

Get your Tourer ready for the season!


As the days start to grow longer and the excitement builds as we head towards the camping season, it is important not to forget about giving your tourer a good spring clean/check. Whilst your tourer has been tucked away over winter some small damages and wear and tear may have occurred. Read on to find out the top tips on how spot the warning signs so you can prevent damage or issues which could spoil your first trip of the year.

Check your Tyres

Checking your tyres should be done each time you go on a trip in your tourer, and it is never more vital to check them then when they have been sat still for several months or weeks over those cold winter months. Whilst rotating your caravan's wheels periodically over winter to prevent the weight being concentrated on one section of the tyres can help to prevent any damage it doesn't always work. So make sure to carefully check your tyres for signs of warping, cracking or bulging, top up the air pressure to the manufacturer's recommended level and check the level of tread. It is also recommended to check your caravans wheel nuts for any signs of rust or wear, and that the nuts and properly tightened.

Check your towbar

While here at Witter Towbars we have designed and manufactured the strongest towbar for your vehicle and tested it to its very limit. However if it isn't used or cared for correctly there could be some damage caused to you towbar. We want to help you keep towing for as long as possible without coming across any hiccups along the road... that's why we've put together some tips on how to keep your towbar is perfect towing condition.

After 500 miles of towing and thereafter every year inspect your Towbar and:

• Re-torque all fixings to the values specified - these can be found on the installation instructions for you towbar which will have been supplied in the towbar box or given to you by your fitter. Don't worry if you don't have them anymore you can always get in contact with us and we will be able to send you a copy of them to you!

• Repair any damage to the paint finish - While Witter utilises the most modern and comprehensive pre-treatment and painting systems to keep your paint finish as clean as possible, however the Towbar is subject to an extremely harsh environment due to it being located 'under body'. Therefore we suggest additional coatings where needed to help protect the core metal.

• Replace any damaged components - if you do have any damages to your towbar Witter replacements can be purchased through ourselves or the stockist/fitter who fit the bar for you.

If you do not have a torque wrench then these are readily available, especially in automotive, DIY and machinery stores and are relatively inexpensive and is a real safety investment.

Spotting signs of Damp

Damp is a caravan owners worst nightmare and once it has taken hold it can be difficult to get rid of and cause serious damage, so it is vital to keep an eye out for those telltale signs and treat it early on. Start by checking around windows, doors and skylights for signs of any leaks.Then move on to checking over your upholstery for signs of damp. Your nose is one of the best detectors and can pick out any of those musty smells before any visual damage has taken place. Spotting damp early on means it is can be easily fixed by leaving a dehumidifier running, even if you don't spot any damp coming on it is always advisory to crack the windows and doors open and get some fresh air circulating around a for a few hours.

Checking all Safety & Security devices

Make sure to check that all your alarms and locks on the tourer are working as they should, check that your alarm is still setting correctly and that the siren/notification system is audible and working as it should.

For any of your who have a tracker fitted, make sure to test your app or with your tracking company that the tracking is still giving off a strong signal and make sure your contracts or pay as you go sim cards are payed and topped up ready for your next outing. If you haven't got a tracker and are thinking about what the benefits would be from having, take a look at our new range of trackers we have on offer --- A lot of insurances companies like to see that vehicles and caravans have trackers and can help to bring your insurance down considerably.

Fire related caravan claims were on the rise last year, so take your time to assess your caravan for any fire hazards and to check your extinguisher is in date and suitable for use. Keeping your family safe whilst away is everyone's top priority so having an extinguisher that is in date is vital, if you haven't already got one a multi purpose dry powder fire extinguisher suitable for A, B and C class fires can tackle most small fires you would get around your caravan such as those involving fabrics, woods and butane or propane gasses.

Note that fires from cooking oils and fats are F class fires are not to be tackled with an ABC fire extinguisher, therefore a fire blanket is great to have to throw over small cooking fires.

It is always recommended that you have your caravan serviced each year so a professional can check over everything and give you peace of mind whilst your out on the road. The same goes for your towbar, we want to make sure that your towbar is safe for use and isn't going to put your family in danger, so we recommend taking it down to your local towbar garage and having it checked over and the bolts torqued if required.

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