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​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK


The UK is blessed with some incredible biking trails, making the great British countryside the perfect playground for mountain bikers. With multiple mountain ranges, forest tracks and hilly trails to choose from, there are plenty of destinations where you can put your skills to the test. Of course, you can embark on your own adventure and discover new trails but, when you travel with a specialist tour group, you could unlock a whole host of new and exciting trails.

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Saddle Skedaddle

With the choice of 3 to 8-day trips, Saddle Skedaddle holidays start from £305 per person. Exploring the Scottish highlands, the world-famous Lake District or embarking on a coast to coast holiday is just a taste of what Saddle Skedaddle has to offer. Enjoy magnificent scenery and explore the UK by bike from March - September. As well as having set holidays available, Saddle Skedaddle also offers tailored holiday packages.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK

Forest Holidays

While Forest Holidays may not scream mountain biking adventures at first, you'll be surprised with what they have to offer. Staying in a cosy cabin in the woods, you can enjoy a hot tub and also bike hire so you don't even need to take your own bikes. Forest Holidays are great if you are travelling with young children who are only starting off in the world of mountain biking. With one cabin for the duration of your stay, you don't need to worry about packing up every day and can even enjoy a day or two to rest and enjoy your cabin.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK

Tom Hutton MTB

With over 20 years of experience, Tom Hutton MTB mountain biking holidays deliver epic holidays in world-class destinations. From guided, all-inclusive, mountain biking weekends and breaks to tailor-made holidays, Tom Hutton offers guided rides and skills coaching in some of the best locations across the UK. With a range of holidays available to suit different skill levels, you can't go wrong with Tom Hutton MTB.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK


Seeking out the sweetest natural trails, WildBike promises the best riding, the best accommodation and the best food in the business. With fully guided trails from experienced mountain bikers, you're guaranteed stunning scenery and challenging tracks. If you're the adventurous type and you're up for the challenge, WildBike holidays are not just great fun but you can enjoy delicious food and great accommodation too.

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​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK


Offering adventures from 2 days to 2 weeks long, TrailBrakes have a range of guided, self-guided and fully-supported holidays to choose from. Choose from popular holidays or the experienced team can design a bespoke holiday to suit your requirements. Exploring both gravel and mountain trails, TrailBikes can design a mountain biking trip to suit your budget, riding and travel plans.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK


With mountain biking holidays all over the world, CycleActive provides epic holidays in some of the best locations in the UK. With three adventurous holidays in the beautiful Lake District, CycleActive caters to a range of skill and fitness levels. In addition, if you're not quite ready to embark on an extensive cycling adventure, CycleActive even provides mountain biking skills courses so you can practice and perfect your skills before putting them to the test in the mountains.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK

Macs Adventure

Specialising in adventure holidays all over the world, Macs Adventure is highly experienced in building exciting, memorable holidays. Discover secret trails in Ambleside, ascend high summits and take in breathtaking views of magnificent lakes. With unique routes and challenging single tracks, Macs Adventure holidays promise thrilling single track mountain biking adventures in England's largest national park.

​The Best Mountain Bike Holidays in the UK

So, if you're ready to embark on a mountain bike holiday in the UK, there are plenty of trusted tour companies to choose from. Catering to a range of skills, fitness levels and budgets, you are sure to find a mountain biking holiday that caters to your needs. To prepare for your holiday, you need a reliable bike rack to transport your bikes to your starting point. That way, you can be sure your precious cargo is safe and secure on your car. If mountain biking seems like a bit of a stretch, you could also check out these great cycling holidays in the UK for an epic adventure through the countryside.

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