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The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car


If you're looking to soak up the benefits of mother nature's great outdoors, car camping is a fun and easy way for anyone to get outside. Car camping is scenic, secluded, and can reignite your passion for getting outdoors and seeing the world. This article will guide you on exactly what you need to enjoy a trip away underneath the stars.

Follow our ultimate guide to camping in your car to enhance your car camping experience.

1. Try out a Roof Box Tent

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a normal tent, having a roof box tent can revolutionise your camping experience. There are many advantages to having a roof box tent that a traditional tent does not have. With a roof box tent, unfavourable ground conditions don't matter, if you've found a place to park, you've found a place to sleep!

Roof box tents can fit onto almost any vehicle and are connected to the roof rack, so you can be sure to have a safe and sturdy night's sleep. Many roof box tents on the market also come with a ladder, so you can climb up with no bother. Because you'll be sleeping on a higher plane, you don't have to worry about any insects or animals at ground level, which can be a major plus for some people.

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

2. Get yourself a Roof Rack

If you want to store extra equipment on the roof of your vehicle, you need peace of mind that it will be safe and secure, roof racks offer that and more. They provide you with the accommodating quality of giving you the much-needed room to breathe inside your vehicle.

Roof racks can be made of aluminium, meaning as well as offering security, they are also long-lasting, and you can use them again and again for years to come. Roof racks are aerodynamic which reduces wind noise, they're easy to fit and they can come with a full-width stainless steel ladder roller at the back, making it easy to load equipment onto the roof of your vehicle.

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

3. Cycle Carrier Storage

To get your journey off to a great start, a cycle carrier with extra storage is exactly what you need. At Witter, we sell the BC 60 Cycle Carrier, which has all your needs firmly in mind. It's easy to mount onto a towbar without any tools, it's also compact and extremely safe.

The whole kit comes with the Cycle Carrier, Storage Box and the Platform all at one price. The Cycle carrier can hold up to three bikes, perfect for your family mountain biking holiday. The platform provides an additional 200 litres of storage space and the storage box can carry extra equipment up to 54kg.

This bit of kit is perfect for families and provides you with that extra bit of room inside your vehicle which can be pivotal on long journeys.


4. Create extra room with a Car Awning

A car or van awning is a type of canopy that can be attached to the rear or side of your vehicle. It's a heavy-duty cover that can be rolled up into a bag attached to your roof rack for easy storage and is perfect for that bit of extra space that your vehicle may be lacking. The awning has legs that attach into the ground to make sure it doesn't blow away.

Car awnings are extremely versatile and can be used as a dining area, a place for shade, an umbrella, a windbreak, bug shelter or the perfect place to sit and take in the view. A great variety of awnings on the market are made to be secured onto your roof rack, handy!

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

5. Bring lots of Water

Depending on how rural an area you plan to stay in, there is a good chance you may be far from a clean drinking water supply. To combat this, it's a good idea to bring as many bottles of water as you can. Since you won't be carrying this around on your back, you can afford to bring plenty. Be cautious to refill your bottles at any given opportunity, whether this is at public toilets, petrol stations or campsites.

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

6. Stay Comfortable

There are a plethora of options on the market for car camping comfort, whether it's car mattresses, air beds or travel pillows, the list goes on. Since you're not carrying all of your gear around, as long as you have the space in your vehicle, you can bring as many comforts as you like. No matter what your comfort is, whether a book, a game or some speakers to play your music, as long as it fits safely in your car, bring it along!

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

7. Keep a full tank

The last thing you want when you're driving through the wilderness is the petrol light to come on, you check google maps to see that the closest petrol station is nowhere near. This has been a living nightmare for some people and it's important to make sure that it doesn't happen to you. If you don't have a route planned out, or you've not established where you want to stay for the evening, it's always best to keep filling up at the petrol stations you pass on your way…but you already knew that!

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

8. Bring a cooler for food and drink

Since you won't be staying in a hotel or Airbnb, there won't be any fridges, or breakfast buffets to indulge in. For any food that requires cooling, or any fresh food you're planning to cook whilst you're away, bring a cooler. Coolers can be expensive depending on the quality you buy but are definitely worth it if you're planning to car camp for longer than one night or weekend.

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

9. Portable chargers

Portable chargers have come down in price in the last few years, and they are a great option for campers. Some fully charged portable chargers can charge your phone from 0 to 100% three or four times over. There is always the option of charging your phone if your vehicle has a USB port, but when you're not on the move this can drain your battery if you're not too careful.

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

10. Portable stove

Portable stoves are compact and very useful, add a small propane gas bottle and you've got yourself something to cook on. If you're in the market for a portable stove, look for one you can also use as a charcoal grill, versatility is everything when you're in the wilderness. Alternatives are disposable BBQs, but remember to have them on top of something sturdy like bricks, rather than on top of grass!

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Your Car

So, if you're ready to go and explore what mother nature has to offer, make sure you enjoy it! There's nothing more peaceful than taking in the great outdoors. As long as you are prepared for your trip, and have all the best camping gear, it should be easy!

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