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​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

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Caravanning is an extremely popular holiday option, and not just for older generations. Caravan holidays are an increasingly popular choice for people of all age groups, especially for families. A caravanning holiday cuts expensive flights and costly hotels, helping you save money on your family breaks. When buying a caravan it's usually installed with all the basics you need to drive off and enjoy your weekend break, but there are still plenty of caravan and camping accessories that can make your life easier.

Follow our ultimate guide to caravan accessories to enhance your caravanning experience.

1. Towing Mirrors

Towing Mirrors are a legal requirement when towing a caravan, you can even be fined £1,000 and get a hefty three penalty points on your licence if you don't have them. If you crash without towing mirrors it could even invalidate your insurance, this makes towing mirrors an absolute must when it comes to buying accessories for your caravan. You need to be able to see twenty metres behind and four metres on either side of your caravan, just make sure you take your mirrors off once the caravan is sited.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

2. Awnings

A caravan awning is an ideal caravan accessory that is perfect for holidays and weekend breaks. An awning is essentially a tent that attaches to the side of your caravan, it provides you with extra floor space to take off anything muddy or wet before you enter your caravan. Giving extra space, and available in a variety of designs each packed with useful features, an awning is a must-have.

A full-size awning is large enough to relax in as well as being a shelter from the sun and strong winds, some awnings also come with annexes available to zip in, which creates additional space for friends or family to sleep in. An awning has enough space for beds, chairs, tables, storage, as well as space for general relaxing.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

3. Hitch lock / Wheel lock

Hitch or wheel locks act as a type of anti-theft device, they protect your caravan from being stolen whether it's attached to your car or not. The hitch lock covers the hitch to make it almost impossible to steal. Used in combination with a hitch lock, a wheel lock provides an extra layer of protection for your caravan, with it being a highly visible deterrent.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

4. Caravan step

Most new caravans will come with a step, but if you're buying a used or second-hand caravan, then you might not be so lucky. Caravan steps are just as important as some of the other accessories on this list, so whilst It's only a small purchase, it's definitely worth it. Some steps are more expensive than others, some you can secure into the ground for that extra layer of safety.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

5. Caravan Motor Mover

Caravan motor movers have revolutionised caravanning, making it more accessible to the public. Whether you're new to caravanning, or you don't have enough space for easy manoeuvrability, a caravan motor mover can help you get on the road, and get you stationed, in no time. The motor mover works by being clamped to the caravan's chassis which is connected to rollers attached to the caravan wheels which can, in turn, propel the caravan in any direction.

This is a nifty accessory that is a must-have for anyone new to caravanning. If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, don't hesitate to click the link below to find out more about the motor movers we sell here at Witter.


​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

6. Jack Pads

Jack Pads, sometimes called Camel's Feet, are used as a caravan stabiliser, which can be suitable for use on grass, gravel or softer ground. Jack Pads are designed to fit on the corner steadies of your caravan, which helps improve stability. They are usually durable, weatherproof and versatile, as well as being typically easy to install. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes, and made from different materials based on the price. Jack Pads are an essential option for maintaining your caravan's stability and making sure your mobile home is parked safely.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

7. BBQs

Barbecues are a cheap and convenient way to eat whilst on holiday. Caravans tend to have small kitchens, so cooking for a family can be somewhat of a challenge, this is why caravanners tend to cook using a BBQ. BBQs can also be fairly cheap, they can be used as a grill or a frying pan depending on the quality. Some caravans have a hookup for gas BBQs, as a substitute to using disposable or coal. An alternative option is to bring your own smaller gas bottle dedicated to your BBQ. There can be a lot of health and safety issues regarding BBQs and open flames when it comes to campsites, make sure to check your campsite's website or ask for advice when you arrive for the best and safest way to get your BBQ going.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

8. Bike Racks

Bike racks or cycle carriers are a great travel accessory for any bike lover, giving you the ability to take your bikes with you wherever you go. You can buy bike racks to attach to many different places on your car or even caravan. Some caravans are specially made with a bike rack in mind, meaning you can buy a carrier to be inserted on the front or rear of the caravan, instead of on your car. You also have the option of a bike rack to go on the roof of your car.

At Witter, we have a range of platform-style carriers that can hold from 2 to 4 bikes, perfect for the family, and all benefit from the tilt forward function to allow easy access to the boot. Click the link below to browse our bike racks today and see which is the right one for you.


​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

9. Upgraded Aerial

Depending on where you are sited with your caravan, your caravan TV aerial may not get good enough signal reception, it's always best to have an extendable aerial you can move that will search for a stronger signal. The best way to receive digital TV signals is to use a directional aerial, the same you would typically have at home, a directional aerial should be mounted as high as possible. A specialist pole can be attached to the caravan, which can be extended to get a better signal and collapsed for easy storage.

​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

10. Towbar

Before you can get on the road, you need to make sure you have a towbar set up and ready. With almost 70 years of experience in designing and developing towbars, we provide high-quality products which are great value for money. We have over 5,000 towbars for sale, all designed to be compatible with individual vehicle specs. Follow the link below to find out more about our towbars.


​The Ultimate Guide To Caravan Accessories

So, if you're ready to go with your caravan, make sure you enjoy it! There's nothing more peaceful than taking in the great outdoors. As long as you are prepared for your trip, and have all the best caravan and camping accessories, it should be easy!

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