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What is WebFit?

What is WebFit?


WebFit is The Online Service Centre that allows you to book your fitting in 4 easy steps!


E - ENTER your vehicle reg

B - BOOK your fitting online

F - FOR a date and time to suit you

I - INCLUSIVE of fitting and VAT

T - TOWBAR fitting you can trust

WebFit offers fitted services on Towbar & Electrics, Caravan Movers, GPS Trackers and Air Suspension Systems. Have a look at the products we offer on our site and keep an eye out for the WebFit logo which indicates you can easily book a fitting in a few clicks from the comfort of your own home.

Caravan Insurance Everything You Need to Know

Caravan Insurance Everything You Need to Know

This your complete guide to caravan insurance. It covers:

  • Do I need caravan insurance?
  • What are the different types of caravan insurance?
  • What kind of cover do I need for my caravan?
  • Will my car insurance cover my caravan?
  • How much does caravan insur...