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Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?


Electric bikes are a great choice for those of you who would prefer to have a level of assistance when it comes to cycling.

Perhaps you're planning to swap public transport for cycling on your commute to work, but don't want to arrive all hot and sweaty. Maybe you want to enjoy the scenery a little more without concentrating too much on finding the energy to pedal.

Whatever reason for considering an electric bike, there's bound to be one big question on your mind; which electric bike is best for you?

In this electric bike buying guide, we'll explore the different types of bikes that are available to you, and the pros and cons of each.

Electric Hybrid

Ideal for leisurely bike rides through towns and parks, bridleways or even the commute to work, a hybrid model covers a variety of urban and recreational leisure requirements.

So, what are the pros and cons?

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Electric Road Bike

If you enjoy reaching high speeds on long and winding roads, then an electric road bike will enable you to travel further and quicker.

But what other things should you consider before buying?

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Electric Mountain Bike

Whether you're a keen mountain biker who is looking to conserve energy for more hilly adventures, or you like the idea of mountain biking but don't think you can reach the top, an electric mountain bike could be what you need.

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Folding Electric Bike

If you're short on storage space or you still need to catch public transport as part of your commute, a folding e-bike gives you a helping hand and convenience.

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Buying an Electric Bike

Buying the right electric bike for you will inevitably rely on personal preferences. However, we have put together a list of some of the best e-bike options available.

1. Electra Townie Path Go!, £3500-£4000

The Electra Townie Path Go! Is a high-quality hybrid electric bike, made for riders looking to explore and have fun. It features technology that not only enhances performance but comfort too. The Flat Foot Technology allows for a more upright and relaxed seating position that allows for full leg extension when cycling.

Also, it features a hidden battery that integrates with the bike frame and a powerful mid-drive motor that's surprisingly quiet!

2. Raleigh Motus Low Step, £1900- £2500

The Raleigh Motus electric bike is comfortable, efficient and practical. Thanks to the pedal-assist motor, it enables you to tackle hills and flat terrain with ease, letting you enjoy the huge range of benefits that cycling has to offer. Fitted with a 300Wh lithium-ion battery pack, it offers an impressive range of up to 74KM on mixed terrain. Hydraulic disc brakes are also featured, providing powerful speed control in all weather conditions.

The low step Raleigh Motus model has a Dutch-style frame with no crossbar, making it easier to mount and dismount. Mudguards, a kickstand and a rear luggage rack come fitted as standard, allowing the Raleigh Motus to live up to its promise of convenient urban cycling.

3. Carrera Crossroad Electric, £900- £1099

If you're looking for a more affordable electric road bike, then the Carrera Crossroad could be an option. With a £1000 price tag, the Carrera Crossroad is a battery-assisted bike with a drop-bar. It handles well, with the rear-mounted motor located on the hub providing a good level of assistance. Complete with a torque sensor, the motor recognises how much force you're putting through the cranks, adjusting assistance accordingly.

As the Carrera Crossroad is an affordable option, some concessions have been made. The bars and fork could be more comfortable and there is no bottle cage mount available. Weighing in at nearly 19KGs, it is also on the heavier side.

4. Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2, £4899- £5200

It's obvious that Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2 is an elite road bike and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Fitted with a lightweight, rear hub motor system, it offers a smooth, natural ride. One of the most impressive features the SuperSix Evo Neo 2 has to offer is its range. Fitted with a 252W/h battery, it can reach a range of 75km and even has a range extending battery available that mounts into a bottle cage.

By balancing performance, handling and comfort, the SuperSix Evo Neo 2 feels like an accomplished road bike that just so happens to offer assistance.

5. Trek Rail 9, £5300-£6000

When it comes to easing the climbs and accelerating the descent, the Trek Rail 9 impresses with its performance. While there is room for a little improvement when it comes to suspension, it scores highly on convenience and is built to tackle the steepest, most challenging trails. The Trek Rail 9 provides so much stability, it is easy to pick up fast speeds on the descent.

The Trek Rail 9 comes with a Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), fully hiding the battery in the frame for protection. It can also be removed easily without tools. It also features a new Bosch motor, which is smaller, lighter and more efficient than ever before.

6. Merida eOne-Sixty, £4500-£5500

The Merida eOne-Sixty provides a great balance between slow-speed agility and high-speed stability. Fun to ride, its large Maxxis tyres are more robust and can handle technical climbs and descents with ease compared to other models of bikes that use stock trim wheels. The Merida eOne-Sixty also comes with mudguards, front light and a kickstand mount. These are odd additions for a mountain bike, but they also encourage more leisurely activities such as weekend park rides.

While the Merida eOne-Sixty is impressive, some reviews report a lower battery life compared to similar capacity Bosch-equipped bikes. Priced between £6000-£6500, this is something to consider and investigate further before making a purchase.

7. Brompton Electric, £2500-£3000

Brompton Electric is one of the best electric folding bikes in the market. Perfect for city living, it is a smart, fast and reliable way to get around and explore.

The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery and provides 3 levels of pedal assist, depending on what suits you. The battery is removable which means the Brompton Electric remains compact when folded. It also means that you can easily recharge the battery at your desk if you cycle to work.

As you would expect from a Brompton bike, folding it down is quick and easy, although it is heavier than the standard model. The main point of contention is the price as it is expensive.

8. BTwin Tilt 500, Price £350

The BTwin Tilt 500 is a great option if you have a smaller budget. Despite being on the more affordable end of the scale, its battery is still hidden inside the frame. Although the in-frame battery makes it more compact, it is still slightly cumbersome once collapsed. However, with a weight of 18.6kg, it is still light to carry.

The BTwin Tilt 500 has mid-sized 20-inch wheels and can reach speeds of up to 15.5mph when it's in Sport Mode. The biggest drawback is that the gearing and wheels are a little basic and the V-type brakes don't provide the optimum stopping power and require more maintenance. For the price though, the BTwin Tilt 500 is a great deal.

Ready for your first adventure further away from home on your electric bike? Take a look at our tow ball-mounted bike racks which are capable of carrying e-bikes safely and securely.

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