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If you drive an Auto Trail towbars can add flexibility and benefit to your vehicle. When fitted to your Auto Trail, towbars can be used to pull everything from a simple trailer right up to a large horsebox. We have such a wide range of towbars that whatever the model of your Auto Trail, towbars can be fitted to meet a variety of needs. These include detachable flange towbars, flange ball towbars, detachable swan neck towbars and fixed swan neck towbars.
We have over 5000 towbars listed online, offering the widest choice of towbars on the UK market. If you're interested in finding the perfect towbar Witter Towbars is the place for you.
Naturally, you want the very best for your Auto Trail. Towbars supplied by Witter are all manufactured in the UK and have undergone vital testing to ensure they meet Regulation 55 standards to guarantee you years of towing relaxation. For Auto Trail towbars are priced inclusive of towbar, towball, vehicle electrics and towbar fitting at your local fitting centre.
Click on your specific model of Auto Trail for a list of suited towbars or alternatively search for your towbar by using the Vehicle Registration Search.


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