Towbar Fitting Cost

The main things you're probably thinking about when buying a towbar is 'how much will my towbar cost?' and 'towbar fitting costs near me'. Towbars can be expensive, and the price can vary depending on your car, towbar and location, but you can't put a price on safety. So, it's vital that your towbar is vehicle specific, brand new, professionally fitted and has a dedicated electrics kit.

Of course, each of these different elements comes at a price so we've broken it down to give you a clear understanding of what you can expect to pay for a towbar. This includes:

  • Towbar Price
  • Electrical Kits Price
  • Software Updates Price
  • Towbar Fitting Price

The price can vary greatly depending on your car, the towbar you choose and where your towbar is fitted. But, if you plan on towing anything, buying the right towbar and having it professionally fitted is a worthwhile investment.

Towbar Price

The price of a towbar changes depending on your vehicle's make, model and age and the type of towbar you are having fitted. It also depends on the towbar manufacturer as some products are more expensive. This is because some towbars have a slicker design or they may be higher quality than others.

As a general rule of thumb, towbars tend to increase in price in the following order, from most expensive to least expensive.

  1. Detachable Flange Towbar
  2. Detachable Swan Towbar
  3. Fixed Swan Neck Towbar
  4. Fixed Flange Towbar (Least expensive)

This does sometimes vary and can also differ by brand as some towbar brands are more expensive than others. To decide which towbar would be best for your needs, check out our towbar guide here.

Electrical Kits

Electrical kits are a crucial part of towbar installation. An electrical kit is essential as it synchronises the electrics in your car with those on your trailer, caravan or bike rack which is required by law. This includes signal lights like brakes and indicators and can also power the electrics inside your caravan to keep the fridge cold when you're on the move.

Just like towbars, the cost of an electrical kit can vary greatly depending on the kit you choose and the make, model and age of your car. Again, price increases as follows from most expensive to the cheapest:

  1. 13-pin dedicated electrics kit
  2. 7-pin dedicated electrics kit
  3. 13-pin universal electrics kit
  4. 7-pin universal electrics kit

A 7-pin universal electrics kit can cost as little as £50

A 13-pin dedicated electrics kit can cost as much as £115

We would always recommend a dedicated electrics kit where possible. They can sync up with all of your vehicle's enhanced towing features such as ABS and anti-sway features.

Software Update Price

When you have your new towbar installed, your vehicle may require a software update so the towbar electrics sync up with your vehicle. This enables additional safety features and benefits to be activated on your vehicle to assist with towing.

Software updates can take place in your vehicle manufacturer's garage or while you are getting your towbar fitted by an approved fitter.

Software Update Price - £72 as part of fitting through Witter Towbars

Towbar Fitting Cost Near Me

You should never fit a towbar yourself. Nor should you have it installed by anyone other than a professional towbar fitter. So, if you are looking for towbar fitting near you, this could be done by your local garage, your vehicle manufacturer or by a registered fitter through our WebFit service.

WebFit gives you the flexibility to choose a time, place and garage to suit you. Or, we even provide the added convenience of mobile fitting in most cases. This means you could have your new towbar fitted on the driveway and you don't even need to leave the house.

So, how much does a towbar fitting cost near you? The cost of a towbar fitting may vary but when you book a towbar fitting through WebFit, you can be sure that your new towbar will be safely installed by an approved fitter.

Garage Fitting Price - This can vary depending on the garage, towbar and car

Mobile Fitting Price - + £35 more than a garage fitting

Complete Price with Witter Towbars

We've said it a million times before and we'll say it again. It is vitally important that your towbar is brand new, has a dedicated electrics kit and is fitted by a professional. The cost to install your new towbar varies depending on the make, model and age of your car and also the type and make of the towbar you choose.

To ensure you have everything you need to safely tow, Witter Towbars offer an all-inclusive price for the towbar, fitting, vehicle electrics and software upgrade.

You can expect to pay anywhere from around £300 to £1000 including VAT for your towbar, electrics and fitting by a professional.