How to Fit a Roof Box

Here at Witter, we're passionate about products that enhance your adventures. This easy-to-install roof box is no exception.

Whether it's an adventure to the beach, or a spontaneous family camping trip, this roof box will make a reliable and secure addition to your vehicle.

The roof box has been flawlessly designed to ensure an effortless installation experience. But just to ensure safety and avoid any damage to your vehicle, we're going to run through the installation procedure.

What do you need to get started?

  • MWAY Venom Roof Box

No additional tools or accessories needed

Installing the roof box

Step 1: Ideally, with a little help, lift the roof box onto the top of the vehicle. Straighten the box to line up with the roof bars.

Step 2: Next, you want to peel back the four tabs and align them over the bars. Fix the box to the bars using the brackets. All the nuts and bolts you need are provided.

Note: Remember you want the box completely straight, central, and level over the vehicle's roof.

Step 3: Now, you can use the straps to secure the load. Bearing in mind you should never exceed 50 kilograms.

Step 4: Simply use the key to lock the bolts and keep that somewhere safe in your vehicle, like the glove box for example.

Note: Don't forget, always be aware of heavy winds when opening your roof box. If you're pulling over on the side of the road, always park where you can safely open the roof box away from passing traffic.