How to Install a Westfalia Bike Rack (Expert Guide)

Knowing how to fit a witter cycle carrier is a must and fortunately this Westfalia cycle carrier will provide a safe and secure addition to your kit list.

This bicycle rack is perfectly designed to make use as smooth and efficient as possible. But to ensure safety and avoid any damage to your vehicle or bike, we're going to run you through the installation procedure.

What do you need to get started?

Westfalia Towbar Mounted Bike Rack

No additional tools or accessories needed

Installing the Westfalia Bike Rack

  1. Always start by ensuring the towbar is thoroughly cleaned and any dirt or grease is removed.
  2. Once you've done that, you can place the rack on the tow bar. You want to align the rack naturally, horizontally, and vertically. Push the clamping lever until it engages with the towball. Now you can lock the clamping lever and pull out the key.
  3. Put the plug into the electrical connection on the towing hitch, and rotate it clockwise until it engages. Make sure to keep this cable away from the exhaust and road.
  4. Loosen the two star knobs for the mounting bracket, then flip up the mounting bracket and tighten both knobs.
  5. You can now fold out both the light clusters and pull out the wheel supports until they click into place. Easy.
  6. Now it's time to load your bikes. Release the ratchet straps on the wheel holders Put the bike onto the wheel rails and push the wheel supports up to it. Open the bicycle clamp by rotating the tommy nut. Press together the bicycle clamp to open the mounting bracket clamp.

Note: Always place the heaviest bikes closest to the vehicle first.

7. Now you can attach the mounting bracket clamp onto the A-frame. Once you've done that, put the bicycle clamp around the bike frame. Turn the tommy nut to tighten the bicycle clamp around the bike frame. Use the key to lock the clamp. Wrap the wheel straps through the tires, and secure using the ratchet system.

8. For the second bike, sit the bike in the opposite direction and attach using the same procedure.

9. Done, and you're ready to roll. If you need to access your boot at any time, you can do so with the levers.

10. To access the boot, pull the lock upwards. Then whilst holding the weight of the carrier with one hand, squeeze the release lever with the other, and pull the carrier towards you. To close the carrier, lift until it clicks back into place.

Note: Remember, always check your bikes are fully secure before beginning your journey.