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Enhance the safety of your vehicle with a Scorpion vehicle tracker

Nobody wants to have their car stolen. You've worked hard to buy it, so it's in your best interests to keep it safe. But how can you really know where your car is every minute of every day? And how on earth are you supposed to find it if it gets stolen?

Things can get even more complicated if you are managing a fleet of vehicles. So, why not install a GPS tracker so you can keep track of all of your vehicles all the time? Scorpion produce insurance approved vehicle trackers which meet Thatcham security requirements so you can be sure that your vehicle is safe, secure and insured.

In this article, we share the benefits of GPS trackers and answer those confusing questions like 'what does a GPS tracker do?' and 'do I need a GPS tracker?' to help you keep your car secure.

What is a Scorpion GPS Tracker?

Scorpion creates advanced security systems which allow you to protect your vehicle and track it if it is stolen. With 24 hour monitoring, 365 days of the year, your vehicle will be tracked all year round, so you will always know where it is, even in the event of theft. With a Scorpion GPS tracker, you'll also benefit from a range of driving features to make your journeys a little bit easier.

Do I need a GPS tracker?

In many cases, installing a GPS tracker can help to lower your insurance. So, if you're concerned about keeping your vehicle safe and want to lower insurance costs, a GPS tracker might be the answer you're looking for. It is also a great option if you are managing a fleet of vehicles and want to keep track of where they are and also monitor any expense claims.

Not everyone is aware of this, but if your vehicle or caravan is worth over £50,000, you need a GPS tracker in order to be covered by your insurance. Most companies won't insure your vehicle if you don't have a GPS tracker fitted, and this may apply under other circumstances too. So, you should always check your policy to see if you need a tracker to make sure your cover is valid.

What does a Scorpion GPS Tracker do?

Aside from tracking the location of your vehicle and updating you with potential security alerts, Scorpion trackers come with a range of advanced features from enhanced protection through to mobile app tracking. With the mobile car tracker app, you can enable alerts and status updates, manage your account and get directions to find your vehicle.

Enhanced Protection

You'll also receive a driver recognition tag. This tag is attached to your car keys and is synchronised with your GPS tracker. When you step in the car, the tracker will automatically detect the tag on your keys. If your car is started without the tag, the tracker will send you a security alert.

The optional immobilisation features work alongside the driver recognition tag. This means that your vehicle's engine will be immobilised if the tag is not present when you try to start it or you can immobilise the engine remotely through the app in the event of theft.

Multi-Vehicle Support

Do you have a fleet of commercial vehicles you want to keep track of? Maybe your kids have just passed their test and you want to make sure the family is safe on the road. With multi-vehicle support, you can add multiple vehicles to the same account, including cars, vans and motorhomes.

Additionally, you can activate privacy mode to share or restrict location data on certain vehicles. If you want to set up multiple vehicles on the same account, they will all need their own tracker and subscription for their Scorpion GPS tracker.

Additional Driving Features

If you're managing a fleet of vehicles, there are a number of additional features you can use to ensure your fleet is running as smoothly as possible. Set up boundaries around approved locations so you can get alerted if a vehicle leaves the boundary, check expenses by viewing journey reports and set transport mode through the app when travelling by ferry or if the vehicle is in the garage.

Along with these additional features, you can analyse graphs and charts displaying journey data and assess driving style data to help reduce fuel costs and improve safety.

Subscription Options

Once you've chosen your Scorpion GPS vehicle tracker, you will need to contact Scorpion directly to select and set up your app subscription. There are a range of subscription plans available to suit the needs of you or your business.

Subscription plans
Monthly Subscription £12.95
1 Year Subscription £149.95
2 Year Subscription £274.95
3 Year Subscription £399.95
4 Year Subscription £524.95
5 Year Subscription £649.95

Once you've chosen your subscription model, you can pay the whole subscription fee upfront or choose a pay monthly option.

Why should I choose a Scorpion vehicle tracker?

Not only do Scorpion produce Thatcham vehicle trackers, but they have been designed to police-preferred specification. If your vehicle is stolen, the Scorpion team can communicate directly with the Police to provide real-time location updates, in the hopes of recovering your vehicle and arresting the suspects.

As well as being designed to police standards, the Scorpion GPS system is also an insurance approved car tracker. This means that it meets Thatcham security requirements to give you additional peace of mind.

If you, or vehicles in your fleet, drive through Europe frequently, you will also benefit from the European coverage feature which allows you to track vehicles all over the continent. Finally, Scorpion will perform health checks once a month and send you the report, as well as alerting you to potential theft.

GPS trackers can be a great addition, especially if your vehicle is expensive or you have a large fleet to manage. As well as providing peace of mind that your vehicle is securely monitored at all times, you could also lower your insurance costs and save money in the long run.

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