The Complete Guide to Towbar Accessories

Towbar accessories for your car are an essential purchase if you're looking to increase both the safety and ease of your towing experience.

Ranging from simple towbar covers to ALKO stabilisers, there are a wide variety of towbar accessories available.

To help you make the right purchase for your circumstances, we've:

- Listed the possible accessories available
- Detailed what each towbar accessory improves

And suggested a specific situation where this towbar accessory would be useful


Witter Towballs are designed to be attached interchangeably on your flange-style towbar to allow you to tow your trailer or caravan. The two main towballs are the Z11 which is for all standard towing and the Z13 ALKO towball which is for use with ALKO stabilisers which can be found on some caravans.

The great thing about the Z11 and Z13 is that they are interchangeable. That means you can swap them out, as and when required.

For example, let's say you use a towbar for weekly towing of a trailer, but then in the summer, you take out a caravan. In this situation, you would use the Z11 for towing the trailer and then in summer, you would switch to the Z13 for towing your caravan.


Witter Towbar towing couplings are designed to be attached to any standard four-hole towing plate on your towing vehicle and are designed to accommodate all UK mainstream coupling attachments. The coupling allows you to adjust the towball height easily on a commercial towbar.

But what do you do if you operate a business using a whole range of trailers to transport equipment?

In this case, you would purchase a universal coupling.

Universal Couplings

Our Ball and Pin couplings are specifically designed to meet the requirements for mixed trailer fleets, and are precision engineered to provide full articulation both in the jaw and on the ball. They are all certified to REG55 The robust single-piece high tensile steel forging has the standard two-bolt face mounting.

Replacement neck keys

Detachable towbars use a locking mechanism to secure the towball to the towbar neck. If you need a replacement neck key, it's crucial to check the specific locking mechanism used by your towbar.

Covers and Shields

As towbars are subject to harsh outside weather conditions, we know you want to keep your towball protected from the elements when it isn't in use. Picking the right cover for your towbar is simple.

Towball Boot

Our flexible towball boot is designed for any of our standard flange towbars with a Z11 towball. This provides cover to the towball and the rest of the coupling to stop the nuts and bolts from rusting.

ALKO Cover

Similar to our towball boot, the ALKO towball cover is designed for any flange towbar with a Z13 towball attached, which will be used to tow anything with an ALKO stabiliser.

Swan Neck Towball Cover

Our Swan Neck Towball Cover provides protection for any swan neck towbar. The hard polyethylene cover helps to keep your towball protected from harsh weather conditions and road debris.

Detachable Weather Cover

Our Detachable Weather Cover is designed to give protection to the neck housing on any detachable towbar. When the neck is detached the cover sits inside the housing protecting it for when you next use the neck.

Stowbar Weather Cover

The Stowbar Weather Cover is designed for any Stowbar detachable towbars including silver or gold neck types with a semi-automatic mechanism.

Bumper Shields

We've all been thereā€¦ up early one morning, the rain is hammering down, hitching up the caravan - only to knock into the bumper, leaving an unfortunate scratch on your brand new Land Rover.

To stop this disaster from happening, we've developed a variety of stylish, heavy-duty bumper shields to protect your car. Easily bolted onto your towbar neck, the shield acts as a simple protective layer, stopping any unfortunate accidents even in the wildest of weather.


A towstep, also known as a towbar step, is a type of accessory that is attached to the towbar of a vehicle. It serves as a step to assist people in accessing the bed of a truck or the rear cargo area of a vehicle, especially when loading or unloading items.

Key features of a towstep include:

Design: Towsteps are designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of supporting the weight of an individual.

Attachment: They are attached to the towbar of the vehicle, taking advantage of the existing structure and are usually secured firmly to ensure stability.

Purpose: The primary purpose of a towstep is to make it easier for individuals to reach items in the bed of a truck or the cargo area, especially in larger vehicles where the height may be a challenge.

Versatility: Towsteps are commonly used on trucks and SUVs, providing a convenient step for various purposes, including accessing tools, equipment, or luggage in the cargo area.

Our range is manufactured to the highest standards, to ensure good life and performance in the most arduous of working conditions.


Another popular towbar accessory for commercial businesses are manual or automatic winches.

Bolted onto a boat trailer, the flatbed of a pickup truck or on the chassis of a car, winches can provide practical help in a range of circumstances when you need to move objects that cannot be towed.

For example, if you work on a farm or in the building industry, then purchasing a towbar winch would be an ideal towbar accessory for your vehicle.