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Detachable Flange Towbar

What is a Detachable Flange Towbar?

A detachable flange towbar works the same as a fixed flange towbar. It sits under your bumper and the tow ball is fixed on to the faceplate with either 2 or 4 bolts. However, unlike the fixed flange towbar, the neck can be easily removed from the bar using a lock and key mechanism. A detachable flange towbar offers the same versatility and safety as a fixed towbar and can be used with tow ball mounted accessories, including bicycle carriers, bumper protectors and different types of stabilisers. As it is easy to remove, it is ideal for those who don’t want a permanent towbar adding to their vehicle’s appearance.

What are the Benefits of a Detachable Flange Towbar?

Detachable Flange Towbar
  • It is capable of towing and carry bikes at the same time
  • It is compatible with a wide range of towing couplings and accessories, such as AL-KO stabilisers
  • Once removed, a detachable flange towbar will not trigger parking sensors
  • Once removed, you will not bang your legs on the towbar when using your boot or walking around your vehicle.
  • It is easy to remove, store or reattach

Should I Buy a Detachable Flange Towbar?

There is one disadvantage to consider with a detachable flange towbar, and that’s the price. While it’s not the most expensive option, detachable towbars do cost more than fixed towbars. The removable neck can also be costly to replace if you lose it.

However, a detachable flange towbar is a great purchase if you are looking for a towbar that doesn’t interfere with your vehicle’s appearance or rear parking sensors. Easy to remove, store and reattach, it combines the advantages of a fixed flange towbar with convenience.