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Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

What is a Fixed Swan Neck Towbar?

Considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than a flange towbar, a swan neck towbar can be used for towing a trailer or a caravan. It can also be used with ‘ball mounted’ cycle carriers. A swan neck towbar gets its name from its shape and design. Unlike a flange towbar, the swan neck doesn’t come in two parts. Instead, the tow ball is fitted to the neck, resulting in one solid unit. With a sleek and compact design, a fixed swan neck towbar is a permanent addition to your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of a Fixed Swan Neck Towbar?

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar
  • It is compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • It is more affordable than a detachable swan neck towbar
  • It is less likely to trigger parking sensors when in reverse
  • It can carry all types of ball mount cycle carriers

Should I Buy a Fixed Swan Neck Towbar?

There are a few disadvantages to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a fixed swan neck towbar.

While you can tow a trailer or caravan and fit ball mounted cycle carriers, you cannot do both at once, unlike the fixed flange towbar. It is worth noting that a swan neck towbar can’t be fitted with a bumper shield. And, although a fixed swan neck towbar is less likely to trigger parking sensors, this is not guaranteed for all vehicles.

However, if you’re unlikely to tow and use a cycle carrier at the same time, a fixed swan neck towbar is a viable option. The design is sleek, compact and reliable with impressive towing capabilities.