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Have you got a 2018 Renault Clio?


We're looking to develop a towbar for the new 2018 Renault Clio! If you are one of the lucky people to have this new vehicle and are looking to have a towbar fitted then why not get in contact with us. We are looking for someone who is happy to have their car used to develop a towbar at our Engineering base in Deeside. To develop the towbar the car will need to be used first to have the vehicle measured using the latest CAD technology so our engineers can then design the towbar. Once the design has been finalized a prototype bar will be made and then a trial fit will be done to make sure it fits correctly to the vehicle. Once our engineers are happy with this it will be tested in our state of the art testing facility and then sent off to be type approved by the VCA. Once it has been type approved we will fit the towbar for you and you will be on your way with your new towbar!

If you are interested please get in touch with us via email at !



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