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​The Best Games to Take On Your Staycation

​The Best Games to Take On Your Staycation


Whether you're staying local, visiting a new city, heading to the coast or escaping to the country on your staycation, you'll need something fun to keep you entertained. Taking a break doesn't just mean a break from work or the school run. It's a break from streaming TV shows, video games and your mobile phone because let's face it, wifi might be hard to come by. So, take it back to basics and don't forget to pack some of the best games to take on your staycation.

  • Fun Games for Young Children
  • Family Friendly Games
  • Games for Teenagers
  • Adults Only Games

Fun Games for Young Children

During rainy days or long drives, keeping little ones entertained can be tough. So, why not share some ideas between your closest friends and families and try some of our favourite games to play with young children.


This simple, compact classic is a great learning game for young children. Help them to count the number of dots on each domino and identify a matching pair. Not only can you play Dominoes in your favourite staycation spot, but it is small enough to fit into your bag and play at a cafe, restaurant or on a picnic in the local park.

Eye Spy

Fun, free and easy to take anywhere, eye spy is the ultimate game to play with little ones. On long car rides, waiting for food to arrive or around the dinner table, eye spy is a great game to play with young children. Not only is it a great distraction in times of boredom, but it's great to get their minds working and offers endless entertainment for the whole family.

Snakes and Ladders

Practice counting and teach your kids it's okay to lose! With all of the climbing and falling up and down the board, a game of snakes and ladders can provide endless entertainment and the winner can become the loser in seconds. So, roll the dice, choose your counter and enjoy this classic board game.

Family Friendly Games

It can sometimes be tricky to please all family members and keep everyone entertained. So, put down your phones and spend time having some good old fashioned fun. You don't need to spend a lot of money on games for a fun staycation and you might even rediscover some old favourites.


A cheap pack of cards can provide hours of fun. From poker and rummy to snap and chase the ace, the possibilities are endless. So, collect pairs with the little ones or play solitaire by yourself with this budget-friendly bundle of travel-sized fun. If you have a budding magician on your trip, you could even be mesmerised by some sleight of hand.

Field Games

Think rounders, cricket, football, rugby, swingball, frisbee and more. If you've been blessed with good weather, sometimes a bat, ball and a field are all you need. So, why not have a game tournament with the whole family and find out who you'd pick first for the family football team.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to save some money and bring your staycation even closer to home, dust off your sleeping bags for some backyard camping. While camping out in your garden, plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for the whole family to enjoy and look for flowers, hose pipes, toys and more.

Games for Teenagers

Teenagers can be notoriously hard to please, and even more difficult to prise away from their smartphones. So, if you stay at home for the evening on your staycation, why not ban the smartphones for the evening, cancel movie night and enjoy some quality family time playing some classic games.


Cluedo is a mysterious classic game of 'whodunit'. So, put your detective skills to the test and try to work out if it was Professor Plum in the Library with the Rope who murdered Dr Black. Through some skilful bluffing and process of elimination, can you figure out who committed the crime?

Fighting Fantasy Role Play Books

There's nothing like curling up with a good book, but if your teenagers are used to playing on the Play Station or Xbox all day, why not introduce them to Fighting Fantasy Role-Playing Games? With a different ending each time, they can read their way through the adventure and their choices determine the outcome of the story. You could even play along as a family.

Pictionary Air

An interactive take on the original game of Pictionary, Pictionary Air is sure to keep your teens engaged. Use the pen to draw in the air and watch the picture appear on your smartphone screen. It's compact, interactive and fun for everyone.

Adults Only Games

These games are not for kids. So, if you're escaping on an adults-only staycation, grab a drink after a spa day and get ready for a few laughs as you learn just who your friends really are with these tongue in cheek board games.

Cards Against Humanity

This one is not for the faint-hearted. Not only do you need a good sense of humour, but you also need nerves of steel to play some of the best (or worst) card combinations. Cards Against Humanity is 'a party game for horrible people'. So, leave your morals at the door and get ready for some laughs with your mates.


Of course, Articulate can be played with the whole family, but after a drink or two, those descriptions are sure to get a bit more slurred. This board game requires you to describe as many items on the card as possible in just 30 seconds so you need to concentrate on your descriptions as well as your listening.

Speak Out

Again, kids can certainly enjoy a game of Speak Out, but when you're gathered with your closest friends, you're sure to have a laugh. So, pop in a mouthpiece and remember to speak it, don't spray it, as you attempt to say and guess some tongue-twisting words and phrases.

So, there you have it. Our top picks for the best games to take on your staycation. Of course, there are so many more things you can do on your staycation. Install a bike rack on your car and enjoy some family bike rides. Or, if you need a bit more space, perhaps a roof box or towbar would come in handy to tow a trailer for all of your things. Wherever you're heading on your staycation, don't forget to pack your favourite games.

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