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Why Get a GPS Tracker for Your Car?

Why Get a GPS Tracker for Your Car?


Car and van prices continue to rise which, unfortunately, means that your vehicle could become a more lucrative target for car thieves. Often stolen while you are asleep, vehicles are taken away to foreign countries or dismantling factories before you even wake up, so you are left waking up to an empty driveway. This is why a GPS tracker is an important car accessory.

Fortunately, if your car is stolen, this doesn't have to be the end for your vehicle. Using a GPS vehicle tracker allows you to check the live status and location of your vehicle. Scorpion or Bulldog trackers can even notify you, and an international security command centre, of any possible theft so you can try to recover your vehicle before it's too late.

How do GPS trackers work?

GPS trackers are easy to install and work by using GPS satellites to pinpoint your exact location. Now only can having GPS trackers fitted help you to locate a stolen car, but they can also help to keep you safe on the road.

Why should I add a GPS tracker to my car?

Here are eight reasons why you should consider adding a vehicle GPS tracking system to your car.

1. Always know your car's location

By knowing exactly where your car is at all times with real-time location tracking, this makes it much easier to find if it is ever stolen. Not only that but if you share the use of your car with other family members, by tracking your vehicle, it means you can easily get to them in case of an emergency.

2. Lockdown your car

If your car is stolen, most GPS tracking systems have a central locking system. This often means you can lock down all of the car systems, including locking the doors, with the help of the tracking company. So, that means if your car is a stolen vehicle, you may be able to lock the thief inside until your car is recovered by the police.

3. If you're a parent

If your teenager has recently passed their driving test, they'll likely want to hit the roads on their own. With GPS car trackers, you'll be able to use real-time tracking to ensure they are safe at all times and are staying within the boundaries you've set. Some GPS trackers will also allow you to see driving behaviour so you can ensure your child is driving safely.

4. If you drive alone

You may find yourself driving along dark, secluded roads quite frequently. If going off the beaten track is part of your daily commute, it can sometimes be a little unsettling if you are driving in the middle of nowhere. With a GPS tracker, a friend or family member is always able to see where you are if you are worried about your safety.

5. If your car is expensive

If your car is particularly new, unique or expensive, it may be at greater risk of getting stolen. In some cases, you may not be covered by your insurance if your car is stolen. So, satisfy your peace of mind and add a GPS tracker to your car. That way, you have a greater chance of finding the vehicle in case of theft.

6. If you manage a fleet of vehicles

If you are a fleet manager, you may be responsible for the vehicles that are owned by the business. Of course, you want your employees to feel trusted but ultimately, you are responsible for the vehicles, so it is in your interest to know where they are. Installing GPS trackers to the company fleet can also be a good idea if the vehicles are leased.

7. Tamper alerts

Even if your vehicle has not been stolen, some GPS trackers can also provide you with tamper alerts. This means that even if someone tries to break into your car or your car is moved, towed or bumped into then you will be notified. This is a great advantage because you may be able to stop the car thief in their tracks before your vehicle has even been stolen.

8. Review driving performance

Some GPS trackers allow you to look at real-time and historical driving performance. So, if you see your teen is consistently speeding, you can speak to them about it to prevent further damage. Equally, if your employee drives a company vehicle, driving dangerously could be viewed as abusing the benefits you have given them. Either way, looking at driving performances can help correct poor driving habits before it's too late.

Where are vehicle trackers installed?

Once you've decided to get a GPS tracking device, you need to install it. Installing a GPS tracker is usually straightforward enough to do by yourself but it can vary depending on whether it is battery powered or a wired car tracker installation.

The exact placement of where it goes depends on the size of the tracker, along with the vehicle it's placed in. The GPS will have to be in the vicinity of the vehicle's electrics, but not somewhere where it can be seen clearly.

If you're unsure about how to install a GPS tracker yourself, find a local fitter when you reach the checkout and one of our approved fitters can install it for you.

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