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The Complete Guide To Car Accessories

The Complete Guide To Car Accessories

Enhancing your driving experience goes beyond the standard features of your vehicle. Whether you're an avid traveller, a biking enthusiast, or someone who simply loves hitting the road, the right car accessories can make a world of difference.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into a diverse range of accessories designed to elevate your driving adventures. From practical towbar additions to cutting-edge dash cams and everything in between, our selection ensures that you're well-equipped for any journey.

This guide to accessories will cover the following:

  • Towbar Accessories
  • Covers and Shields
  • Bike Racks & Accessories
  • GPS Trackers
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Dash Cams
  • Caravan Accessories
  • Roof Storage/ Roof Racks
  • FAQs

Towbar Accessories

Towbar accessories stand as the unsung heroes of the towing world, offering enhancements that go beyond the basics. These additions are essential for anyone seeking to amplify both the safety and ease of their towing experience. In this section, we delve into towbar accessories, exploring an array of components designed to optimise your towing setup.


Witter Towballs are designed to be attached interchangeably on your flange-style towbar to allow you to tow your trailer or caravan. The two main towballs are the Z11 which is for all standard towing and the Z13 ALKO towball which is for use with ALKO stabilisers which can be found on some caravans.

The great thing about the Z11 and Z13 is that they are interchangeable. That means you can swap them out, as and when required.

For example, let's say you use a towbar for weekly towing of a trailer, but then in the summer, you take out a caravan. In this situation, you would use the Z11 for towing the trailer and then in summer, you would switch to the Z13 for towing your caravan.


Witter Towbar towing couplings are designed to be attached to any standard four-hole towing plate on your towing vehicle and are designed to accommodate all UK mainstream coupling attachments. The coupling allows you to adjust the towball height easily on a commercial towbar.

But what do you do if you operate a business using a whole range of trailers to transport equipment?

In this case, you would purchase a universal coupling.

Universal Couplings

Our Ball and Pin couplings are specifically designed to meet the requirements for mixed trailer fleets, and are precision engineered to provide full articulation both in the jaw and on the ball. They are all certified to REG55 The robust single-piece high tensile steel forging has the standard two-bolt face mounting.

Replacement neck keys

Detachable towbars use a locking mechanism to secure the towball to the towbar neck. If you need a replacement neck key, it's crucial to check the specific locking mechanism used by your towbar.


A towstep, also known as a towbar step, is a type of accessory that is attached to the towbar of a vehicle. It serves as a step to assist people in accessing the bed of a truck or the rear cargo area of a vehicle, especially when loading or unloading items.

Key features of a towstep include:

Design: Towsteps are designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of supporting the weight of an individual.

Attachment: They are attached to the towbar of the vehicle, taking advantage of the existing structure and are usually secured firmly to ensure stability.

Purpose: The primary purpose of a towstep is to make it easier for individuals to reach items in the bed of a truck or the cargo area, especially in larger vehicles where the height may be a challenge.

Versatility: Towsteps are commonly used on trucks and SUVs, providing a convenient step for various purposes, including accessing tools, equipment, or luggage in the cargo area.

Our range is manufactured to the highest standards, to ensure good life and performance in the most arduous of working conditions.

Covers and Shields

As towbars are subject to harsh outside weather conditions, we know you want to keep your towball protected from the elements when it isn't in use. Picking the right cover for your towbar is simple.

Towball Boot

Our flexible towball boot is designed for any of our standard flange towbars with a Z11 towball. This provides cover to the towball and the rest of the coupling to stop the nuts and bolts from rusting.

ALKO Cover

Similar to our towball boot, the ALKO towball cover is designed for any flange towbar with a Z13 towball attached, which will be used to tow anything with an ALKO stabiliser.

Swan Neck Towball Cover

Our Swan Neck Towball Cover provides protection for any swan neck towbar. The hard polyethylene cover helps to keep your towball protected from harsh weather conditions and road debris.

Detachable Weather Cover

Our Detachable Weather Cover is designed to give protection to the neck housing on any detachable towbar. When the neck is detached the cover sits inside the housing protecting it for when you next use the neck.

Stowbar Weather Cover

The Stowbar Weather Cover is designed for any Stowbar detachable towbars including silver or gold neck types with a semi-automatic mechanism.

Bike Racks & Accessories

For those seeking to enhance the safety and functionality of their cycle carrier, a variety of car bike rack accessories are available. These accessories cater to different needs, from improving safety with lighting boards to providing extra security with lockable handles.

Whether you aim to simplify bike loading or just want to ensure legal compliance on the road, our range of bike carrier accessories offers practical solutions.

Base Plates

Base plates are essential components of a cycle carrier, serving as the hitch between your car and the main frame of a rear-mounted bike rack. They are important for temporary swapping of your carrier between vehicles.

Replacement base plates are available for all of our Tow and Carry Cycle Carriers. As long as you know the make of your carrier, it is easy to pick which replacement base plate you need so it can be easier to swap your carrier between the vehicles you want to transport your bikes with.

Lockable Handles

Lockable handles are a set of replacement handles designed to securely lock bikes to the main frame of your cycle carrier, providing an extra layer of security. This accessory proves especially beneficial when you need to leave your bikes unattended in public for an extended period.

Lockable handles are available for the arms on your ZX200 or ZX300 cycle carrier. They come in sets of 2, 3 and 4 and are easy to swap over. The lockable handles come with a set of keys so as soon as the clamps have been tightened around the frame of your bike they can be locked into place for extra security.

Light Board

A bike rack light board is a crucial accessory for rear-mounted bike racks that may obstruct your car's rear lights. In the UK, it is a legal requirement to have visible lights and a registration plate when carrying items on the rear of your vehicle.

Failure to comply can result in fines up to £1000 and three points added to your licence. To avoid these penalties, it is highly recommended to invest in a dedicated bike rack light board for your specific cycle carrier.

Expansion Kits

An expansion kit serves as a collection of components or accessories designed to improve and extend the capabilities of an existing bike rack. Rather than investing in an entirely new bike rack, individuals who have owned their racks for some time can benefit from expansion kits.

For instance, if your bike rack accommodated two bikes initially, but circumstances have changed, such as having an additional bike for a child, purchasing an expansion rail for certain platform bike carriers offers a cost-effective solution. This allows users to enhance their bike rack's capacity and functionality without the need for a complete replacement.

Electrical Accessories

Towbar Wiring Kit

A towbar wiring kit connects the electrics and lights on your car to the lighting board on your trailer, caravan or bike rack. This is a legal requirement when towing.

Search for towbar wiring kits by entering your car details here.

What is an electrical kit?

You need towbar electrics for towing trailers, caravans or bike racks because the lights on your vehicle will be hidden. So, an electrical kit keeps car lights and signals visible to other road users.

Electrical Adapters

Before you purchase an electrical adapter. There are four potential types of towbar electrics adapters that you might need. This is usually necessary when your towbar electrics and trailer, caravan or bike rack electrics don't match up.

For example, If your towbar has 13 pin electrics and your trailer has 7 pin electrics, you will need an adapter to make the two kits compatible. With this in mind, the four main types of vehicle plug adapters include:

  • 7 pin to 13 pin adapter
  • 13 pin to 7 pin adapter
  • 13 pin to 2x 7 pin (twin) adapter
  • 2x 7 pin (twin) to 13 pin adapter

GPS Trackers

Buying a GPS tracker for your car is a strategic move towards safeguarding your vehicle and ensuring peace of mind. As car and van prices continue to rise, the risk of theft becomes more prevalent, often leaving owners with empty driveways overnight. A GPS vehicle tracker is a powerful tool to help combat this threat, offering real-time location tracking and enabling swift recovery efforts in the unfortunate event of theft.

Why should I add a GPS tracker to my car?

GPS trackers are easy to install and work by using GPS satellites to pinpoint your exact location.

1. Always know your car's location

By knowing exactly where your car is at all times with real-time location tracking, this makes it much easier to find if it is ever stolen.

2. Lockdown your car

If your car is stolen, most GPS tracking systems have a central locking system. This often means you can lock down all of the car systems, including locking the doors, with the help of the tracking company.

3. If you're a parent

With GPS car trackers, you'll be able to use real-time tracking to ensure that your family are safe at all times and are staying within the boundaries you've set.

4. If you drive alone

With a GPS tracker, a friend or family member is always able to see where you are if you are worried about your safety.

5. If your car is expensive

If your car is particularly new, unique or expensive, it may be at greater risk of getting stolen. In some cases, you may not be covered by your insurance if your car is stolen. So, satisfy your peace of mind and add a GPS tracker to your car.

6. Tamper alerts

Even if your vehicle has not been stolen, some GPS trackers can also provide you with tamper alerts. This means that even if someone tries to break into your car or your car is moved, towed or bumped into then you will be notified.

7. Review driving performance

Some GPS trackers allow you to look at real-time and historical driving performance. Looking at driving performances can help correct poor driving habits before it's too late.

How do I install a GPS tracker?

Once you've decided to get a GPS tracking device, you need to install it. There are three ways to install a GPS tracker.

Magnetic Installation: Some GPS trackers are magnetic and simply attach to anything metal in or outside of the car.

Plug-In Installation: Some GPS trackers simply plug into the onboard diagnostic socket.

Wired Installation: This involves correctly fitting movement detection sensors to ensure your vehicle is fully secure.

If you're unsure about how to install a GPS tracker yourself, find a local fitter when you reach the checkout and one of our approved fitters can install it for you. Click here for more information on GPS trackers.

Dash Cams

Beyond the potential for creating memorable footage, dash cams play a crucial role in enhancing both the safety and security of your vehicle. In the unfortunate event of an accident, having a dash cam can provide valuable evidence, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money during insurance claims.

Why buy a dash cam?

There are many reasons why you should buy a dash cam for your vehicle:

  • If you're worried you could be involved in a car accident that isn't your fault
  • If you're worried your car could be a victim of criminal damage

Easily installed in your vehicle, a dash cam can give you that crucial piece of evidence in an insurance claim or even give you that vital picture of the person who damaged your car.

What dash cam should I buy?

Buying a dash cam comes with choices. There are 3 varieties of dash cam that you can buy and each are fitted differently.

Cigarette Lighter Power: This is simple and affordable, although the one drawback would be that the wire will always be hanging down from the dash cam and can potentially get in the way.

Charged Supply: With a charged supply camera you would have to charge it at home where there is a mains power supply. This means there is a risk of the camera running out of battery as you are driving.

Hardwiring: This is the most efficient and tidy way to install a dash cam. Hardwiring involves connecting the dash cam to your vehicle's fuse box connection. If you are not comfortable completing the installation yourself then seek the help of a professional.

Caravan Accessories

Embarking on a caravan adventure opens up a world of possibilities, appealing not only to seasoned travellers but also to families seeking a cost-effective alternative to traditional holidays. Caravanning eliminates the need for expensive flights and hotels, making it an increasingly popular choice across all age groups. While caravans come equipped with essentials, our ultimate guide to caravan accessories ensures you have everything needed to enhance your caravanning experience.

So what kind of accessories are a necessity and which are optional to make your life easier? Let's have a look!

Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are not just an accessory; they are a legal requirement when towing a caravan. Fines and insurance implications underscore their importance. These mirrors offer a clear view, spanning twenty metres behind and four metres on each side of your caravan, ensuring both safety and compliance.


Caravan awnings provide additional floor space, acting as ideal accessories for holidays and weekend breaks. Offering shelter from the sun and winds, awnings come in various designs, each packed with features. Full-size awnings, in particular, offer space for relaxation and additional sleeping areas for friends or family.

Hitch or Wheel Lock

Hitch and wheel locks serve as anti-theft devices, providing essential protection for your caravan. Highly visible and acting as deterrents, these locks add an extra layer of security, ensuring peace of mind even when your caravan is detached from your vehicle.

Caravan Motor Mover

Caravan motor movers revolutionise caravanning, especially for beginners or those with limited manoeuvrability space. Clamped to the caravan's chassis, motor movers use rollers to propel the caravan in any direction, simplifying both road travel and parking.

Bike Racks

For bike enthusiasts, bike racks offer the flexibility to take your bikes wherever you go. Available in various styles for your caravan or car, these racks provide a practical solution for transporting bicycles.


Before hitting the road, a reliable towbar is a prerequisite. With over 70 years of experience, our high-quality towbars, designed to be compatible with individual vehicle specifications, ensure a secure towing setup.

Roof Storage and Roof Racks

Whether you're an avid camper or a growing family in need of additional storage, a roof rack adds flexibility to your travels. Before you purchase a roof box, or rack, you need to ask yourself some questions first!

1. What is the primary use and budget of your roof rack?

Define whether it's a permanent fixture or if you need flexibility to remove it. Consider the installation process, attachment options, and the ability to accommodate various cargo types.

2. What kind of roof rack is your vehicle compatible with?

If your vehicle lacks factory-installed rails or raised roof fittings, there are still options for roof rack installation. Different roof racks and fitting systems cater to various vehicle types, such as those with a bare roof, fix points, or raised roof fittings.

3. What cargo and accessories will you be transporting?

Is it just extra storage you need, or will you be transporting bikes, kayaks and luggage? Roof boxes provide a safe and secure option for luggage.

By considering these factors, you can confidently select a roof rack that aligns with your specific needs and vehicle requirements, enhancing your travel experience with added convenience and storage options.


Explore our FAQ's page for in-depth analysis and detailed insights on towbar accessories, caravan essentials, safety measures and more.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or new to the world of car accessories, our FAQ's page provides a wealth of knowledge to enhance your understanding.

Explore our wide range of car accessories, where you'll find an extensive selection of high-quality items designed to elevate your driving adventures. Whether you need towbar accessories, bike racks, electrical kits, or caravan essentials, our diverse range of accessories caters to all your needs. Browse through our products to enhance your driving experience and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.