How To Get A Caravan Mover Fitted

How To Get A Caravan Mover Fitted

You've bought your caravan and you're ready to head off to your chosen holiday destination but there's one hurdle. How do you get your caravan mover fitted in order to easily get your caravan up and onto the road?

Caravan motor movers have revolutionised caravanning, making it even more accessible. Whether you don't have space to easily manoeuvre your caravan, or it's simply just too heavy, a caravan mover can help you get on the road in no time. The ever-improving technology and precision of powered caravan movers allows you to feel safe and in control of your caravan when driving to and from site as well as when pitching up. This empowering product has made caravanning accessible to a greater number of people who now feel confident when on the road with their caravan.

In this guide, we'll cover:

  • How to choose the right caravan mover for your caravan
  • How to fit a caravan mover
  • How to get a caravan mover professionally fitted
  • Things to consider when buying and fitting your caravan mover

How to choose the right caravan mover for your caravan

If you have already bought a caravan mover and want to fit it to your caravan, first you need to ensure that it is compatible.

Caravans come with single or twin axles. Axles simply mean wheels. Single axle caravans are typically lightweight, smaller, and less expensive than their twin-axle counterparts and have one set of wheels. Twin axle caravans are larger, heavier, more expensive and come with two sets of wheels. Most caravans, particularly those for domestic holidaying, tend to be single axle. Using a caravan mover is beneficial for lifting and manoeuvring as they are often harder to handle and tow than the larger twin axle caravans.

Some caravan movers are suitable for both single and twin axle caravans, such as the Quattro caravan mover range from Purple Line.

However, many caravan movers are specific to how many axles your caravan has as they have a clear weight limit that should not be exceeded. For example, using a single axle caravan mover on a large and heavy twin axle caravan can be dangerous, as the weight will exceed the caravan mover's upper limit. Ensuring that you know the load/weight limit of your caravan mover before fitting it is important. Most caravan and motor mover manufacturers now take this issue into consideration and produce single axle caravan movers that can bear the load of twin axle caravans.

How to fit a caravan mover

Fitting a caravan mover can take time and requires the right tools for the job, the right motor mover for your caravan and intricate knowledge of how to fit a caravan mover as getting it wrong could be dangerous. However, DIY caravan mover installation is simple and cost-effective if you know exactly what you are doing. The most important thing to get right is, as previously discussed, purchasing the right caravan mover for your caravan as overloading can have dangerous consequences. Fitting a motor mover can take up to three hours, particularly if you are fitting a twin axle mover.

To fit a caravan mover yourself you will need to:

  • Firstly, measure the space between your caravan tyres to understand where the centre of your crossbar framework needs to be fitted and where your motor units will be installed (central to each tyre)
  • Then, determine where the caravan mover units need to be fitted in relation to the wheels. For a single axle caravan, there will be two motor units and for a twin axle caravan, there will be four motor units. Both single and twin axle motor movers will have one control unit and a remote control
  • Clamp the crossbar to the caravan chassis and insert bolts to where you plan to mount your motor movers onto the crossbar framework
  • The motors units will be fitted to the caravan chassis via this crossbar and using nuts, bolts, and washers. The crossbar framework and motor units will be sitting just in front of the wheels
  • Do not tighten any nuts, bolts, or washers to fit the motor units until you are certain that the motor units are sitting in the right place
  • For single axle caravans, the motor movers need to be secured to the crossbar framework centrally and directly in front of the caravan wheels. Ensuring that the movers are centrally aligned to the tyres and spaced correctly on each side is crucial
  • Many caravan mover kits will come with a spacer plate that allows you to keep the caravan movers in the right place. A 16mm spacer will be used in conjunction with extended clamp bolts and are typically used for bigger twin axle caravans and caravans with a bigger chassis frame. Once your crossbar, motor units, and spacer have all been fitted correctly and tightened, you can fit your motor mover covers. These waterproof, breathable, covers are easy to fit over your motor units and offer external protection to your caravan mover units
  • Once the crossbar, caravan movers and mover covers are all in place and secured, you need to fit your control unit and connect your wiring
  • Your control unit wiring should thread through the chassis and to the caravan battery, feeding into the caravan via a pre-existing or freshly made hole, which will then need to be sealed tight
  • Your control unit should then sit inside your caravan, having been fully wired up to your caravan motor mover units fitted underneath your caravan onto the chassis
  • It is important to ensure that your wiring is fixed into place, using wiring tape or P clips
  • Your control unit will be powered by your caravan battery
  • Your control unit will be wired to the caravan's isolation switch, which isolates the caravan's battery power as a safety mechanism
  • Your handheld remote control and your control unit should synchronise

Only undertake a DIY fitting if you're fully competent on the task, alternatively, arrange a professional fitting or speak to an expert. It is typically quicker, easier, and safer to book a professional fitter for this job via our WebFit service.

How to get a caravan mover professionally fitted

We recommend having your caravan mover fitted by a professional, for peace of mind. An incorrectly fitted caravan mover can have disastrous consequences once out on the road. Fitting a caravan mover can take up to three hours and requires intrinsic work which includes wiring.

We are experts in caravan mover fittings and have an extensive network of professional fitters that you can book a fitting with directly. We'll even remove your existing motor mover, if you're replacing one.

If you do choose to fit a caravan mover yourself, as well as making any necessary modifications, this is taken at your own risk. Depending on which country you live in, you may need to have the installation checked by a professional fitter.

We have over 400 fitting centres across the UK, and you can find your nearest fitting centre via our website. Searching for a professional fitter is simple, just search online for professional fitters near you and ensure you're enlisting a creditable fitter. We operate to regulation 55, providing customers with a fitting service, and all our products come with a Shield of Safety and lifetime guarantee.

Things to consider when buying and fitting your caravan mover

In addition to installing a caravan mover, and whether it is suitable for a twin axle caravan or a single axle caravan, it is important to understand whether you would benefit from a manual caravan mover or a powered caravan mover. Both manual caravan movers and powered caravan movers come with a small remote control to operate it. However, manually engaged caravan movers need to have a bar inserted to control it and move the roller toward the wheel whereas a powered caravan mover does not need this step. Powered caravan movers operate with the touch of the remote control alone.

One of the main benefits of a manual caravan mover is the price. Manual caravan movers offer the best value for money, but powered caravan movers offer ease of use and fully remote manoeuvring. The Quattro range of powered caravan movers for single and twin axle use are, arguably, the best on the market at the moment.

Using a caravan mover is easy both on your driveway and out on the road. The small remote control allows you to effortlessly manoeuvre the caravan directly up to your towbar, making your life far easier. Another key benefit to using a caravan mover is the precision moving which allows you to move freely in tight spaces such as your home drive or on your caravan pitch.

The caravan mover bolts to the caravan chassis and drives its wheels by 12-volt power. They come with a small remote control that easily directs the caravan into position without breaking a sweat.

Now you know everything you need to know about fitting a caravan mover. There are lots of things you need to consider such as the weight of the mover, the weight of the caravan, manual vs powered caravan movers, and whether you need to purchase a single or twin axle motor mover. You can get in touch with us to book a professional fitting as well as getting your towbar installed at home or at your nearest fitting centre.