The Complete Guide To Caravan Motor Movers

As a caravan owner, gadgets that simplify the manoeuvring process and reduce physical effort make caravanning an easier, more enjoyable experience. For many caravanners, a caravan mover is a handy device they wouldn't want to be without.

  • What is a caravan motor mover?
  • How do caravan motor movers work?
  • How to use a caravan motor mover
  • Different types of caravan motor movers
  • Choosing the right caravan motor mover
  • Fitting a caravan mover
  • How to change caravan motor mover rollers
  • How to remove a motor mover from a caravan
  • What is the best caravan motor mover?

What is a caravan motor mover?

A caravan motor mover, also known as a caravan dolly or motorised caravan turntable, is an electric device that assists in manoeuvring caravans. It attaches to the underside of the caravan's chassis and provides precise control over its movement. This enables you to position the caravan effortlessly, even in tight spaces or challenging terrains.

How do caravan motor movers work?

Caravan motor movers attach to the underside of a caravan's chassis and provide precise control over its movement. There are several key components that enable caravan movers to work.

Roller assemblies

Rollers are the main components that engage with the caravan's tires. They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic or metal rollers that are designed to firmly grip the tires without damaging them.

Electric motors

Electric motors are the power source for the mover. They provide the torque necessary to rotate the roller assemblies and move the caravan in any direction.

Control unit

The control unit is the part that directs the electric motors to move the roller assemblies. It typically consists of a remote control or panel that is operated by the user through buttons on the remote.

Wiring and connections

These are the cables that connect the electric motors, control system and battery. They ensure that the power is transmitted efficiently and safely.

Mounting system

The mounting system secures the mover to the caravan's chassis. It typically consists of bolts or brackets that are attached to the frame of the caravan.

How to use a caravan motor mover

So now you know how movers work, how exactly do you use a caravan mover?

Well, it's quite simple.

Step 1: The mover is engaged by unlocking the rollers and lowering them onto the caravan's tires. This is done using a manual switch or a remote control.

Step 2: Next, direct the mover using the remote control or panel. The electric motors will rotate the roller assemblies, which causes the caravan to move in the desired direction.

Step 3: The control system will allow you to control the speed and direction of the mover with precision, enabling precise positioning of the caravan. Some movers have additional features, such as steering and brake control, which allow the user to manoeuvre the caravan even more precisely.

Step 4: Once the caravan is in the right position, disengage the rollers by lifting them off the tires and locking them in place.

Learn more about how to use a caravan motor mover here.

Different types of caravan motor movers

Most caravan movers these days are powered by the caravan's battery, hence the name caravan motor movers. However, there are also manual caravan movers that are powered by hand cranks or hydraulic pumps but these are less common and less powerful than motor movers.

Here are some types of caravan movers that you might come across:

Axle-mounted caravan movers, also referred to as roller-based mover, are one of the most popular choices.

Typically bolted to the caravan's chassis, axle-mounted movers are easy to remove, making them a convenient option for caravanners who tow their caravans long distances.

Enabled by rollers, axle-mounted movers can manoeuvre the heaviest of caravans in any direction, making the tightest of spaces and uneven terrain easier to navigate.

Powered by hydraulics, axle-mounted caravan movers are typically quieter than gear-driven movers. This makes them a good choice for caravanners who want to use their movers in quiet campsites or neighbourhoods.

Choosing the right caravan mover

If you're looking to buy a caravan mover, there are a few things you should consider to help you choose the right one for you, your caravan and your caravanning lifestyle.

1. Consider your caravan's weight

The weight of your caravan directly impacts the mover's required power and capacity, so check the mover's specifications to ensure it can handle the weight of your caravan safely.

2. Do you have a single axle caravan or a twin axle?

Determine whether you have a single-axle or twin-axle caravan, as movers are designed specifically for each configuration.

3. Do you prefer automatic or manual operation?

Automatic movers automatically engage when the handbrake is released, allowing for hands-free operation. Manual movers require manual engagement using a switch or foot pedal, offering more control but requiring your input.

4. What power source do you want?

Caravan movers typically use either electric motors or hydraulic pumps for power. Electric motors are more common and offer better power-to-weight ratio. Hydraulic pumps are quieter and smoother but generally require more maintenance.

5. Are there any additional features you want?

Some caravan movers offer additional features that can enhance their functionality, such as steering, brake control, wireless remote control and tilt compensation.

6. What's your budget?

Caravan movers range in price depending on their features, power and type. Set a realistic budget and prioritise the features that are most important to you.

7. Consider the manufacturer's reputation and warranty

Choose a caravan mover from a reputable manufacturer with a good track record and a comprehensive warranty.

8. Do you need a professional to fit your caravan mover?

For axle-mounted movers, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper alignment and safety. Hitch-mounted movers may be simpler to install yourself, but consulting a professional can provide peace of mind.

9. Read reviews and compare products

Reading reviews from other caravanners and comparing specifications and features will help you make an informed decision based on real-world experiences.

10. Choose a mover that fits your caravanning style

If you frequently camp on uneven or tight campsites, a manoeuvrable mover with advanced features may be more beneficial. If you primarily use your caravan for long-distance travel, a simpler and more affordable mover may suffice.

Fitting a caravan mover

There is a lot to consider when choosing a caravan mover from cost and fitting to whether the caravan mover will actually move your caravan. With lots of caravan models to choose from and intricate installation processes, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right caravan mover and it is installed correctly.

Will my caravan mover fit?

Because touring caravans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not every caravan mover is designed to fit onto every caravan. There are a range of different chassis, wheel configurations and caravan models to choose from, so it's important to check that the caravan mover you want to buy is suitable for your caravan.

First, you need to decide whether you would prefer a manual or powered caravan mover. Manual movers require you to insert a bar into the mover and manually turn the caravan yourself. Whereas a powered motor mover allows you to move the caravan at the touch of a button by using a remote control.

Next, you should determine whether you have an L or U-shaped chassis. Most Witter caravan movers fit most caravans but you need to make sure that the chassis meets a certain ground clearance.

You will also need some additional parts to ensure your caravan mover fits properly including:

  • Narrow gauge chassis adapters
  • 16mm spacers (depending on the frame height)
  • 8 M10 x 100 bolts
  • Low profile chassis adapter plates (if the frame height is below 140mm)

Learn more about how to make sure your caravan mover will fit here.

How to fit a caravan motor mover

Fitting a caravan motor mover is no easy task, and we certainly wouldn't suggest trying it unless you are a trained professional. However, if you do feel up to the task, here are some steps you should follow:

  • Measure the space between your caravan tyres where your motor units will be installed & work out where it will be installed in relation to the wheels
  • Clamp the crossbar to the caravan chassis and insert bolts where the motor mover will be mounted and place on the nuts, bolts and washers without tightening them
  • Fit your spacer plates and weather proof motor mover covers
  • Fit the control unit inside the caravan and connect the wiring, fixing it into place
  • The control unit will be powered by the caravan battery, wired to the isolation switch, and the handheld remote control should synchronise automatically

Get a more detailed breakdown of how to fit a caravan motor mover here.

How to get a caravan mover fitted

As we've already established, fitting a caravan mover isn't easy, especially if you're not a professional. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can get your caravan mover fitted by a professional with ease.

At a workshop

When you purchase a caravan mover from Witter, the cost to fit your caravan mover is already included in the price. All you need to do is select a date and time that suits you and take your caravan to the garage where the caravan mover will be fitted.

Mobile fitting

Alternatively, you can opt for a mobile fitting service instead. You will search for a fitter in the same way however they can come to a secure, off-road, location at a time that suits you to fit the caravan mover. This means you don't need to take your caravan to a garage.

With over 400 fitting centres across the UK, we'd suggest leaving your caravan mover fitting in the hands of the professionals so you can ensure it's been fitted safely and securely.

Learn more about how to get a caravan mover fitted here.

How much is a motor mover for a caravan?

The cost of a caravan motor mover can vary significantly depending on the make, model and type of caravan mover you choose. A manual caravan mover is generally cheaper than a powered motor mover because you're still required to move the caravan by hand.

With this in mind, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds for a caravan motor mover, and maybe even less if you choose to purchase second-hand. However, it is important to understand that with a second-hand caravan mover, you don't know its history or whether it has been involved in any collisions so can never be sure if it's 100% safe.

Our selection of caravan movers ranges from £949 - £1,599 in price but it does include the cost of fitting the mover as well. However, if you have someone who is able to fit the caravan mover for you already and you do not require a fitting service, you can expect to pay between £769 - £1,419 for the caravan mover alone from Witter.

How much does it cost to fit a caravan motor mover

When you purchase a caravan motor mover from Witter, the cost of the fitting is already built into the price of the caravan mover so you can be sure that it is fitted properly by a professional. But here is an example of what you can expect to pay for a caravan mover fitting through Witter.

All-inclusive fitting

The cost of the caravan mover fitting is built into the price of your caravan mover and works out at around £180 for the caravan mover to be fitted at a Witter service station. However, if you have your own fitter or would prefer to take your caravan move elsewhere, you can select 'I have my own fitter' where £180 will be deducted from the overall price.

Mobile fitting

It may not be convenient for you to take your caravan to a garage to have the caravan mover fitted. In this case, you can have a mobile fitter come to fit the motor mover at a time and place, off road, that is convenient for you. Mobile fitting is an additional £35 on top of the standard cost of the mover and inclusive fitting.

Removal of an old caravan mover

If you have an existing caravan remover that needs replacing, you may require a removal service before the new motor mover is fitted. With Witter, you can add a caravan motor mover removal service to your fitting for an additional £72.

With this in mind, fitting can cost as little as the price of your caravan mover alone, if you choose to fit it yourself. But it can be as much as £287 for all-inclusive fitting, a mobile fitter and removal of an old motor mover. This is just a guide of how much caravan mover fitting can cost through Witter but prices may vary elsewhere.

What is the best caravan motor mover?

The best caravan motor mover will ultimately depend on your budget and what you're looking for. It also depends on the functionality you require from your motor mover. In our opinion, the Quattro motor mover is extremely efficient and easy to use, it's more lightweight than previous models, IP water-resistant and comes with a 7-year warranty.

For ultimate functionality, we'd suggest the Quattro Diamond Caravan Mover auto-engage with smart control. It can fit onto both single and twin axle caravans and can move a caravan weighing up to 2250kg using two motors. It offers a variable speed control and 360° movement through the state-of-the-art handset. For effortless control, the Quattro Diamond Caravan Mover auto-engage with smart control is the perfect choice to manoeuvre your caravan with ease.

A caravan mover can be a great addition to your caravan and make your holidays smoother and less stressful. They take on the strain of moving your caravan into place with the touch of a button so you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. This is particularly helpful if you're manoeuvring your caravan in a small driveway or pitch, you suffer from back pain or you don't have the strength to move your caravan manually. Find your caravan mover now.

As well as investing in a caravan mover, if you haven't already, you'll probably need a towbar to transport your caravan too. We have a range of vehicle-specific towbars and 13-pin towbar electrics kits that synchronise perfectly with your vehicle. This allows you to use advanced towing features like trailer stability control as well as powering the appliances in your caravan while you're towing. Find your perfect towbar and vehicle-specific electrics kit now.