How to Use a Caravan Motor Mover (Expert Guide)

Here at Witter, we're passionate about products that enhance your adventures and this brilliant caravan mover is no exception.

Whenever and wherever you park your home from home, this mover will help you do so with ease and safety.

This nifty caravan mover is designed to the highest quality to ensure an effortless manoeuvre every time. But, just to ensure safety and avoid any damage to your caravan or vehicle, this going to run you through some great user tips.

Note: The mover is fairly complex to fit so save yourself the stress and get your mover fitted professionally.

What do you need to get started?

  • Ego Enduro Caravan Mover

No additional tools or accessories needed

Using the caravan mover

Step 1: Once, you've fitted your mover, begin by engaging both motor rollers. This only needs to be done on one side of your caravan. The other side will automatically follow via the cross actuation bar.

Step 2: Now, before you can operate the mover, make sure you release the handbrake. Double click the power button on the remote control and the LED light here will illuminate. The mover is now on.

Step 3: Now you can choose your movements according to the symbol shown on the remote. Don't worry, as soon as the buttons are released, the caravan will stop.

Step 4: After the initial soft start, the mover will move at one speed. The speed can increase a little when going downhill and decrease a little when going uphill. But, take note, the mover is more efficient when reversing your caravan up an incline.

Step 5: Once, you're happy with the manoeuvre, just double click the power button on the remote control and the LED light will turn off again. Don't forget to apply the handbrake and finally, disengage the driver rollers from the tires.

Step 7: Operating is just as easy for when you want to hitch onto your vehicle. Simply use the controls on the remote to bring the caravan to the vehicle. Keep in mind that it's much better to reach the tow ball with several short trips rather than one long trip.

Step 8: When the hitch is right above the tow ball of the vehicle, lower the hitch to the board and engage it using the jockey wheel as you would, normally. Easy.

Step 9: Remember, always keep your remote control in a safe place, in your caravan or vehicle.