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More Steel... More Strength

Witter Towbars believe passionately that when you tow you should have complete peace of mind. You should have a towbar you can trust!

When a Towbar is designed the first and last thought our engineers have is safety. We aim to maximise the strength of the Towbar and ensure that it will be resilient to all conditions that it may experience in its life time. We design Towbars to go 'beyond the limits'.

All Towbars developed for passenger vehicles first registered after August 1998 must be tested in accordance with government legislation, in particular they must comply with the EC Regulation 94/20/EC. It would be a simple matter for Witter to reduce the amount of metal to just comply with this standard. However, we believe that any standard only defines the minimum requirements, and does not necessarily encompass the entire 'real world' experience that a Towbar must contend with.

Steel comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, shapes and more importantly grades. Not all steel is the same. Steel is manufactured to various standards which have been formulated to ensure that the correct steel is used for the right application. Steel may be manufactured to have specific tensile properties to provide the correct strength, or to be ductile enabling it to be bent and formed easily. The composition and chemistry of the steel is changed by the raw materials used. The structure and properties of the steel are shaped by the manufacturing process used. The cost of the raw materials used along with how it is formed determines both which applications it is suitable for as well as its overall cost.

When developing a Towbar it is vital that experience and knowledge are applied to the selection of the right steel for each part of the Towbar. Towbars are subjected to both constant fatigue loading and heavy application specific loads, with each putting different demands on the structure and steel used in the Towbar construction. It is vital that the correct steel grade and section type is used to ensure that each part will be able to endure the punishment it will experience. To ensure integrity, Witter does not accept the minimum grade of steel or, cut down on the thickness or quality of steel used. We believe that more metal makes for piece of mind!

Witter works closely with its suppliers to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process works perfectly. All of the structural steel used in a Witter Towbar is manufactured by Corus (formerly British Steel).